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Some things you just can’t make up!

Yes, I know, we all get random visitors… here’s one of mine.  And, before you start with the "our tax dollars at work" and all that, notice the Host Name.  Does W have an office over there too?  Because if not then somebody stole his log on.  And, again, some things you just can’t make up.



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IP Address [Label IP Address]

United States



The Pentagon


Yep, finally did it.  Finally changed things up.  Still not 100% what I want but it’s close.  Am thinking I might invest in a real design eventually, maybe.  But not today, for a vanity blog.  And, let’s face it, I’m so vain, I even think this blog is about me.  Oh, wait, it is, isn’t it? Anyway, comments are welcomed.  As are design offers.  Make me the most improved blog in town.  I’ll pay you in cupcakes and free advertising!

When worlds collide, or the post where I link to the entire western world

Been a cool few days, nice holiday weekend, staycationing at the casa.  Haven’t done anything of much import, oh, except for hanging out with some really cool people and meeting some more really cool people.  Amazing.  Because when Web 2.0 slides into Life 1.0, the results are never guaranteed.  Don’t believe me?  Let me tell you the stories… brrrrrrr!  Sorry, flashback, that was bad.  Anyway, as you can see from the wonderful marriage I have with the Bob, overall the internetz have been pretty reliable about delivering good peoples into my life.  In fact, we’ve both been lucky like that.  And I could actually say that this little bloggity thing we’ve got going on here has introduced us to some of the best folks we could have met.  Peoples who in a way know more about us than some of our family does.  People who may be strangers by the old definitions but who in fact you already have a history with and knowledge of their lives.  Really great folks.  Thanks oh great gods of the ‘tubez… you’re too cool, really!  Keep the goodness coming… no, really!

So, anyway, our most recent leg of the "Worlds Collide" tour started on Thursday evening, before our traumatic slam dance/moshpit experience at Sundown, when we met Doug & Cathy and most of the McCaughan tribe at VS.  It was really funny because we told the folks there at Versus that we were there to meet the McCaughans, then I looked around and said "Hey! They must be here somewhere, because there’s Sarah and Noah."  Sarah and Noah, ever unflappable, weren’t even phased by the random strange woman saying their names.  These are really cool kids.  Then, after I ID’d Sarah and Noah, up pops Doug.  And I recognized him immediately.  And once he stood us in the proper line – BobMissy07 – he knew us too.  Yeah, we didn’t match out Twitter name at first, so he wasn’t completely sure.  After some chitchat he took us downstairs to meet his better half, the lovely and talented Cathy.  She is your trophy wife Doug… don’t ever forget it!  In person, Cathy is just as funny and nice and friendly as she is on teh web.  Hopefully we can spend some more time together… you are all wonderful! Your kids are great!  Not enough nice to say about them.  Wish we could have stayed longer, but the Bob’s diabetris had to be fed, and we had a date with Slamdance Fest 08.  ‘Nother story, ‘nother time.

Our next stop on the tour was yesterday at the casa of Overtly Trite and her wonderful hubs D & son C for Meatfest 2008!!!  We had a blast and we hope you will invite us back again sometime.  The more RWP* the better, right D?  And Retromoderns?  You both rock, glad to meet the hubs finally and see you again Anna.  Can’t wait until Oktoberfest!  Chris & Maria – hope we weren’t too scary!  And Pete – I have to say that I’m really glad I missed your wheatgrass-infused trip to LA (and Compton)!  It’s right up there with our Crash-inspired adventure in Englewood and neither are something I ever want to repeat.  We are looking forward to camping sometime this summer with all of you!  You are all good peoplez, thanks for welcoming us into your group.  We are much honored. 

So, this tour is over, but we look forward to more.  We want to finally make a Tweet-up, since we’ve managed to miss them all.  Why? You ask.  Well, because I want to finally meet CPKnoxify, PatrickBeeson, Whodini (who- amazingly- shares my birthday, who knew?), SuzyTrotta, and all the others that I have so much conversation with on Twitter.  I also want to have another girl blogger get-together… so get ready Molly, Krisha, and Lissa Kay

I think a lot of people who live here in ourfaircitybytheriver might be surprised to learn that Knoxville is in fact blessed with an amazingly vibrant and active online community that they’ve never even heard about.  And those same people who don’t realize this world exists would also probably be surprised to learn that these cyber-relationships we are forming and have formed have the ability to become a very important layer of life.  Not everything on the internetz is Porn, and not everybody on here is a geek living in their Mom’s basement, eating Cheetos and posting emo pictures on their Myspace page.  Lots of things on the web are of the good, and friends you meet here are also excellent real-world life connections that you will come to treasure just as much.  Well, okay, maybe not Billie and her comments over at, but everybody else I’ve connected with in online Knoxville has been just like all the people I know in real-time Knoxville.  Friendly, nice, welcoming, and they all make up the answer to the question – Why do I like calling Knoxville home?  But, it’s not just here.  Because of this blogity blog blog blog thing, I’ve got friends all over.  In Hooterville, in Grassy Fork, in Nashville, and all over the world.  And, when you take the time to learn about other people through their blogs, you learn that the world isn’t really that big after all.  Geography, race, ethnicity, none of that really matters a whole lot in this cyber-world we’re living in.  We all have problems, frequently the same ones, and life really isn’t that different here than it is anywhere else.  What blogging has really taught me is that no matter who or where you are, it’s always good to have somebody to talk to.  Even if you aren’t talking to very many people.  Somebody is listening.  And sometimes that’s enough.  Even though we live in a world where it’s become very easy to become disconnected and sometimes it’s hard to find the time or energy to create opportunities to meet people and form relationships, because of the power of the internet, we’ve managed to make some wonderful human connections.  Thanks to all of you for becoming a part of our circle of life.  We’re really glad we’re a part of yours too!

Like there was something you didn’t already know about me, right?

I added another new cyber-toy to my already vast collection of cyber stuff today.  I set up a tumblr account.  No, this doesn’t mean I’ve taken up cheerleading (Jeebus save us all from that) or anything cra-zazy like that.  It’s another blog, and I plan to use this one for media type blogging.  Video, pics, audio, stuff like that.  Why?  Well, it’s easier, for one.  And I like it.  Do I need more than that?  Um, no.  And, besides, it’s shiny.  I’m like a monkey.  Shiny is good.  Me like shiny.  So, here’s the link:

My Tumblr

Now come visit, check it out, but don’t track mud on the rug!  And, dang it, put a coaster under that drink!  You know what happened last time you didn’t… you remember don’t you?  Yeah, I thought so. 

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Sometimes easier isn’t exactly better, sometimes

Okay, so I found this new thing, Jott, that allows me to post on here (and to Twitter and a bunch of other places) by voice, via a phone call. Yeah, am feeling way much like the Jetsons right now, voice posts that convert to text files, who’d a thunk it? Yeah, me neither.

So here’s my review. I have to say that as a concept, Jot is really cool, I like it alot. I can see many liveblogging opportunities for this, especially drunkblogging if we’re out sometime and I want to provide a play-by-play, so I really like it. But, because I’m a contrarian by nature, I have to ask whether this is going too far? Has technology taken one step too close to the weird with this one? And, really, while it’s insta-blogging, it’s not perfect. Don’t believe that edits aren’t necessary, unless you intended to sound like a full-on raving idiot that is. Um, yeah. Anyway, that was my take-away from my first attempt. That I do not talk my posts very well. So, look behind the curtain, and learn my deep dark secrets. Yes Virginia, despite the style of my writing and the things that are wrong with my posts, most of my blog posts are typically very well-thought-out and edit-intensive. I labor over some of them for a few days, and multiple rewrites are the rule, not the exception. So, while I may use the jot tool for quick funny moments, you know, when something absolutely must be noted and recorded for posterity, I’m pretty sure that it’s not ever going to replace my normal blogging habits.

However, all that being said, I see possibilties with this that type blogging can never offer. Here’s my caveat emptor: if you’re acting like a fool and stuff around me, be advised that you too can become a post! If you really know me then you know that I’ve always got my crackberry on and working. I can do video, photo, and just plain words, I can do anything! Now I’ve got so many ways to mess you up that it’s not even funny! That is, not funny for you. For me this might be the funniest thing since my Nana’s girdle gave out in church! Now where was Jot back then? Back when we needed it.

You have been warned!

Update: Buy the B-W’s a Big Honkin’ TV

Got the TV, it’s installed, and currently it takes 3 remotes to work it or maybe 4.  Yeah, probably 4. Not working as well as we want it to so here’s a memo to the Geek Squad – “don’t be late”.  No, that wouldn’t be a good idea at all because after you leave I have to program the harmony and this could take me all day Monday.  But, the TV looks great and I’m so glad we have HD channels here in Knoxville but it would be really nice if they do the channels in 1080p, since we paid extra for the 1080p TV.  And, I know, you’re all laughing at me for booking the Geek Squad.  Seriously, I know, how hard could it possibly be to hook up a Wii, a Playstation III, a Tivo, a cable box, a home theater system and an Xbox 360?  Yeah, shouldn’t be real hard, right?  Yeah, right.  You know they’ve earned their hundred bucks I think, that is if they show up. Anyway, we have the TV, we’re happy, and happy birthday to the Bob. Thanks the Bob’s Mom for the donation to the fund, it was exactly what we needed.  So, if you’re bored, come by and watch TV sometime. I’ll bring popcorn out to the street.  listen

Powered by Jott

No, I’m really not this illiterate, but my phone apparently is!

So, anyway, trying some new technology today. Thought I’d try out Jott, not sure how this will come through. But supposedly, I can do voice posts over to the So let’s see how it works out. If this is all misspelled and I sound like an absolute raving idiot, well we won’t be surprised now will we because that’s what I sound like most of the time. Working on some new posts right now, working on something that’s been in my head, probably gonna tick some people off. But you know, that’s my skill, that’s what I do best. Anyway, check this thing out, WWW.JOTT.COM. You can do it from BlackBerry, they have a beta for that. And I also learned about tumblr today, missybw.tumbler.COM. I’ll probably be doing a lot of photo posting over there, because it’s easier and all that.  It’ll be a great place to put up all the interesting photos that I come up with, when I’m out and about.  You know, because I like to drive the car and snap pictures with my cell phone because it’s so safe. listen

Update:  I cleaned it up a little, but it came through pretty well.  Better than I expected anyway.  I can see some real usage for this, for quick and dirty posts.  You know, when you have that “oh I’ve got to blog this” feeling.  Well, now I can, for better or worse, Jeebus help us all!

Powered by Jott

Update on the “Buy the B-W’s a Big Honkin’ TV” fundraiser

It’s bought.  A 47″ LG 1080p to replace our 32″ 720p Panasonic.  You can now come watch baseball from the road outside our house.  Our neighbors will be so thrilled.  Maybe they’ll help cover the cable.  I’ll even unlock the wireless network and share the internetz with them.

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I’ve been Kawasakied on Twitter!!!

Okay, so just because I’m a little bit stalkerish about all the big-time blog personalities, I found Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter and clicked on Follow.  Yeah, I’m a freak like that.  Anyway, my freakiness not withstanding, I just thought his twitters might be a little more interesting than mine and I might even learn something about internet coolness by standing somewhat near the same stratosphere of his greatness.  Imagine, then, my shock and awe when Mr. Kawasaki added me to his Twitters too.  Um, yes, I think I might have wet my pants just a little.  I changed them anyway, just to be sure.  So, yes readers, I have now been Kawasakied, just like The Bloggess, and I’m borrowing her word just to describe the greatness of this moment for me.  Of course, if he ever reads this I’m sure he’ll unfollow me very quickly, and probably also send a restraining order just as fast.  But, ladies and gentlemen, for this brief moment in time I can bask in the reflected glory of being Twitter-followed by GUY KAWASAKI!  There are no more words that can describe this feeling, truly.  So visit my Twitter feed and enjoy the view! And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go change my pants again. 

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Blogging Out Loud – to want or not to want, that is the question?

And here I thought the question was whether to go to Macy’s today… you know, because I can.  Oh, never mind, this is about something else.  Something interesting.  Something I’m feeling the need to share, because I’m like that.

So, today I’m puzzling over something that Katie threw out over there at her place and I’m not sure what to do.  You see, WBIR is looking for a few new bloggers.  Somehow I visualize a recruitment poster featuring a  hybrid cross between Uncle Sam and Napoleon Dynamite, pointing at me with his Slide Rule Calculator, and then I black out…   wow, that was scary!  Now I definitely need more coffee.

Anyway, they’re recruiting, just like everybody, and really making an effort to become News 2.0 and stay relevant in the world a growing number of people are living in today.  So, this is where I begin asking those quirky questions that only I seem to come up with.  Like, how do those color catcher cloth thingies work?  No, not that question, sorry.  More like, are they looking for bloggers like me?  I mean, don’t get me wrong here, I’d love to be considered for one of those slots.  Who wouldn’t?  But, I have to wonder, would that position fundamentally change how I blog?  Would I have to control the *&#$ and the ^%@))?  Would I be selling out?  Would you?  I mean, I know lots of people who have paying gigs in the blogosphere, and I’m impressed with their work, but I don’t think I’m mainstream enough to do it.  I’m really not kidding when I say that I was shocked (okay, maybe beyond shocked and well into befuddled) when I was added to Knoxd.  My blogging is so random, so unpredictable, so much me really, but it’s certainly not for everybody.  I have a regular tendency to go off on organized religion (especially the Baptists, which is really popular in E. Tennessee), politics, rude drivers, and anything else that disturbs my zen.  Likewise, I also have a tendency to wax semi-illiterately but semi-eloquently about my husband, my dogs, and my crazy family.  I’ve been threatened with a slander suit by an ex-wife who shall remain nameless but who answers to BEW, posted about my Hoohaa and the connection it has to the changing environment, and all this was usually before my first cup of coffee.  So, yeah, blogging is interesting for me, to say the least.  

As for validation, I already have it.  I mean, if you saw my Statcounter you’d understand why it’s a source of amazement.  I am constantly overwhelmed at the number of people who return again and again to my “little nuthouse on the web”.  Even though I’ll never have the readership of somebody like Busymom, I’m happy that I reach anybody.  Even though they may not agree with me, I hope that occasionally I push people out of their comfort zone and make them think, or at least say “huh?”  That’s enough for me.  And lest you be misled by the statistics you read out there, those readers prove to me daily that not everybody on the webz is a porn-seeker.  Apparently there’s quite a large constituency of people who really need more to do and I’m providing the entertainment for their party.  

As for my blog being the best at whatever it is that I do, that’s certainly not the case either.  Every day I read people who are much funnier, people who are truly experts in their blogging topics, people who have figured out how to successfully monetize their blogging hobby, and people who are just plain interesting.  And then there’s me, and I don’t think I fit into any of those categories.  I just write about life- mine and everybody else’s- in all its strange and wonderful glory, and that’s not going to change, ever.  I’m really grateful to everyone who comes and reads my blathering, thanks to all three of you!  But I don’t know whether I’m ready for anything like a place on a media site, even though I’d really like to have it.  So, if you want, please consider this my application KAG, even though I spent most of it talking you out of even considering me.  That’s just so me, really, and that’s why I think I’d be the best candidate for the job… or not.  I do think it’d be fun, as long as I could still be me.  Because that’s where the words come from, that’s the magic part.  Or not.  You decide.  I don’t really know.