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We hate Big Red!!! Just kidding, well not so much…

Well, there was good – yummy dinner & really keen shopping; bad – we lost the football game and the season is over; and ugly – that announcer’s obnoxious voice every time MBA got a score or a first down. 

First the good:  We went to Mall at Green Hills for dinner and a shop before the big game.  Let me just say that I love love love me some Green Hills!  We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory, because it was close at hand, and then we did a lap of both floors in the mall.  Because, you know, I’m a pro at this stuff, speedshopping is my medal event!  Coach had cute stuff, just like here.  Williams-Sonoma contributed to my bliss.  Restoration Hardware brought the same joy to the Bob that it always does to me.  And Louis Vuitton brought the same paroxysm of laughter from us both that it always does.  I mean really, let’s be logical here, why the heck would I pay that kind of crazy money for a purse that is easily one of the most knocked-off labels and designs in the world?  Who would ever believe it’s real?  Tiffany did come through with some new sparklys… yes, the Christmas List got updated today!  So, it was good.  All good.

As for the bad & ugly:  Suffice to say that our household will be boycotting BIG RED chewing gum for the foreseeable future.  If the game against Battle Ground Academy was a contest of Haves vs. Have Mores, then the playoff game against Montgomery Bell Academy was a battle of Haves vs. Have It All’s.  They pushed Webb pretty much all over the field.  I really think they must be feeding their boys human babies or something (skip the steroid middleman, they can afford to buy the real thing) because those boys were huge!  Our defensive line looked like middle schoolers in comparison.  It was just a case of David vs. Goliath, but somebody stole our slingshot.  We did make some pretty spectacular plays, and we didn’t go down without a fight, but they are ranked 25th in the nation in Football for a reason… and it ain’t fundraising.  And, just to add insult to injury, they announced during the game that 27 members of their 100 member Senior Class are Natl. Merit Scholars… to which I say dayum.  But, then again, if I were paying what those people pay for an education for my child, my expectations would be in the same neighborhood.  I think they nicknamed it MBA to ensure that none of the kids going there ever lose track of their parents expectations from their college career.  But the announcer, he took the cake.  I can safely say that everyone on the Webb side was still hearing his “And another first down for Big Red” after they got in bed last night.  Those are not good dreams.  My final thought is that I think everyone should say to their Webbie – GOOD JOB.  Everybody – the football team , the cheerleaders and the band, gave it their all, all season long.  We’re very proud that they made it to the playoffs in a season where everybody pretty much wrote them off as roadkill at the beginning of the school year, before they ever played a game.  You can be sure that another championship will be in Webb’s future, in fact you should count on it.   So even though the scoreboard said loss, we still won.  All the kids are winners.  Life is about what you do with the losses, not how you deal with the wins.  And in that, our kids were great! 

Nashvegas with the Spartans

Going to Nashville tonight to watch Webb play their first playoff game … against Montgomery Bell Academy.  Don’t have a good warm fuzzy about this one.  Afraid it might be a total annihilation, which will really suck.  Is going to be cold, hopefully no rain this time, and I’ll find the nearest Starbucks in advance so I’m well-armed with toasty beverages.  As an added happy note, might be able to sneak a quick runby of Greenhills… just to remember really good shopping since we aren’t there quite yet here in Knoxpatch.  Everybody be thinking happy thoughts for us!  WEBB SCHOOL SPARTANS ARE THE BEST!  YAY!!!

Webb is going to the playoffs!

Along with most of the teams in the greater Knoxvegas area, our little Webbies are going to the playoffs!  We play Montgomery Bell Academy next Friday night in Nashville (again).  So, DH and I will be hauling the white school bus over the plateau to watch the show.  With MBA being 10-0 and us not being there, well, we’re afraid this might be a quick trip to the playoffs.  But, we’re hoping for the best, and we know our girls will look their stellar best, as always!!!  GO SPARTANS!

Webb’s going to the playoffs!!!

We won!!!!!   Although Webb football has had what we charitably call an up and down year this year, after a resounding 30-0 defeat of #3-Battleground Academy (on their Homecoming Night no less), Webb is state championship playoff-bound!  Color us really happy for a number of reasons.  First, we’re glad we didn’t drive 3 hours each way to watch them get a season-ending loss.  Second, we’re glad we didn’t freeze to death on the tundra that is middle Tennessee in order to witness a loss.  And, third, we’re hoping to see Webb go all the way to the state championships again, on what was supposed to be a losing season when Webb was given no chance or hope of success.  So, we’re happy, tired, but happy.  We were really surprised to find that there were quite a few Webb folks who were willing to brave the drive, mostly us parents, but it was a nice crowd.  Our girls looked spectacular, as always, even with very sub-par cheering facilities provided for them.  Of course, they were freezing, but so was everyone.  Apparently we were all focused on other things like where to eat, shop, …etc. and none of us bothered to read the weather forecast.  BRRRRRRR!!!! 

So that’s the prep update!  Stay tuned, more high school football action later!