Hate and Greed – that’s today’s Grand Old Party!

Hate and Greed – that’s today’s Grand Old Party!

Was there a law change I didn’t know about?  Was I in a coma and my country closed up shop? 

Because, seriously, this crap about the Mosque in NYC?  This is just crap.


Republican issue politics, same as always, designed to distract the ignorant masses from the reality that they as a party stand for very little other than hate and greed.  Yes, I called all ya’ll out. 


Let me paint a little picture of a world of parallels for you…


Where in the world will you find large organized religions who are removing established members of their congregations from even lowly leadership positions in their structure, muzzling them and refusing to allow them to speak in services?  And the crime these disenfranchised are guilty of?  Being Women.

The Southern Baptist Convention.

Where in the world do you have religious zealots who are willing to kill people they regard as their enemies, are constantly waging hate campaigns against the families and friends of their targets, and feel that whatever steps they take against their enemies are good in the eyes of their God?

The Right to Life Movement.

And where in the world will you find so-called devout religious people who are only tolerant of the religion they know.  Who want to exterminate an entire body of believers because they don’t believe the same way and because they equate the acts of a fringe group with the whole entire group.  A group of religious people who think that those other believers who do not share their particular faith should not have the same rights to practice their faith. 

This would be America today.

Our country was not founded on any one faith, but many.  We welcome all, and our Constitution protects everyone.  That raggedy old stack of words states very plainly:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So, if there is a Mosque built at Ground Zero, and we all have such a problem with that, then maybe we need to look at ourselves and why we feel that way.  I have visited the Dachau Concentration Camp outside of Munich, Germany.  On the grounds of that camp there are many religious memorials, from all faiths, and that presence to me speaks of faith.  And irony.  Because I’m sure you all know that none of those faiths did anything to help the 6 million Jews who died in WWII.  In fact, right here in our country there were many so-called religious people who spoke out loudly- from the pews and the pulpit – against getting involved in WWII.  And these were people who knew the Jews were being exterminated, but who also didn’t believe that even one American life should be at risk for the whole Jewish faith.  And, as we all know from history, the only reason we ever got into the war at all was because of Pearl Harbor.  Not because an entire religion was being exterminated in Europe. 

I guess we should thank Japan for bombing the shit out of us and forcing us to do the right thing.  Because our countrymen, all of whom considered themselves good religious believers, mostly didn’t want to help the Jews because they didn’t believe the same things we do.  Oh, and don’t forget, they did kill Jesus you know. 

They were Jews.  Not Baptists, or Lutherans.  They were Jews.

Who do we sound like?  Oh yeah, that would be Islam.

Today I applaud my President – a frackin’ Methodist BTW!!! – for standing up for my Constitution.  I applaud my founding Fathers for foreseeing the dangers in theocracy.  I applaud the Mayor of NYC – a Jew BTW – for standing up to the rabble and the pressure and doing the right thing by saying “let them build”. 

And I will help them build too.  After all, they can’t be any worse than what we already have.

Hate and Greed.  The true face of the Republican Party.  Don’t let the bread and circuses fool you.  That’s the face behind the mask. 


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