But Why Did We Need a Wheel Anyway?

But Why Did We Need a Wheel Anyway?

Yeah, you know, because feet worked just fine… and besides wheels lead to roads, and horses, and cars, and traffic accidents, and… see? There’s my point. Too much trouble. Roll back the clock and let’s just stick with feet.

There, that’s so much easier. Right?

And with all that blathering, the point is that I’m trying something new today… blogging from the most underused piece of technology in our house -the iPad. Yeah, you know, that thing I really wanted worse than almost anything? That thing that seemed too perfect?

That thing that is… well, not so much.

Yeah, you read that right, not. so. much.

Yes, the cool factor is off the charts. I will also concede that tablets and portability are where computing is going. But, as much as it pains me to say this, I really really like my 24 inch monitor and my fairly souped-up CPU still works very well so neither of them will be moving out any time soon. Further, photoshopping on a little bitty screen just doesn’t work for old people like me. And Apple isn’t making these things with the built-in magnifying screens like the Boomer- friendly folks at Samsung. Oh hell to the no! I’ve just got to squint and hope for the best.


And before you say it, I’m well aware that this is some majorly shocking luddite talk from the Queen of Newer/Faster/Better. I almost think I need to surrender 25 Klout points just for typing that first section.

But I won’t… because I’m an influencer… I could single-handedly bring back the first century BC with this one post. And seriously, I always did admire the fashion sense of Wilma & Betty. But I do need ya’ll to be truthful, does this lion skin make my butt look big?

Oh, hello tangent! Funny how I end up running into you whenever I start scribbling.

Anyway, yes, we do use the iPad, but not that much. It’s shiny and cool to look at, it’s easy to read books on and play games on too. But for the heavy lifting, or the moderately strenuous writing and homework? Not my go-to piece of tech.

Not even close.

And because of that I do feel somewhat guilty, and like perhaps I need iPad lessons so I can learn to love it like everyone else does. Unless, maybe I’m finally just stating the simple truth for a lot of iPad users. Maybe I’m the one who is actually brave enough to say what everyone else is thinking?

“Hey Mister! You ain’t got on any clothes! And by the way… this iPad thingy? It’s not so much.”

I don’t know. Maybe.

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