My New Rules for Fall

My New Rules for Fall

1. Quit doggedly holding onto the past and embrace the change I’m living with every day. Eat cake for breakfast and bacon for dinner if I want to. Keep wearing my cute white sandals after Labor Day if if I damned well choose. And, just to ice the cake, I can also carry one of the two white leather Coach bags that I own with those sandals. In fact, I can carry them both if I feel like it. Respect the past, but don’t live there. Reject anything that begins with “but that’s how we’ve always done it before.” No more. For this Fall i will be practicing living with what works for today, examining ideas for their applicability, and rejecting the things that don’t work.

2. Get more organized. It’s time to let go of “The Things I Carried” for way too long. The stuff I’ve got packed away is staggering. Collections of stuff that I will never use again. Things I don’t need and have no place for in my house. What good are they if they’re stuck in the Garage in boxes? Enough. It has to be sorted and sorted again. No more excess baggage. No more.

3. This year I will not fear October. This month is no longer my own personal “Ides of March”. No more funeral dirges. Let the dead be dead and the living be alive. I’ve got too much going on now to spend a month in the land of dread. He understands, far better than I do sometimes I would wager. No more.

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