The Ubiquitous “Thankful” Post

The Ubiquitous “Thankful” Post

So, everybody and their arthritic Uncle (or Aunt, since most bloggers are women) has been doing these incredibly pithy or pious and occasionally serious “Daily Thankful” posts on their facebook pages and blogs this month… you know, to remind us daily how much more pious and serious their lives are than ours? Yeah, that’s my take-away. But then again, I hate the dreaded Christmas letter too. Remember, it’s because I think you’re doing it to show off… sort of like using an airbrushed picture for your facebook profile pic.

Give it up, mkay? We all know your life isn’t that perfect… really.

Anyway, because I live pretty honestly, my thoughts on this trend for most people who’ve been doing it have been something along the lines of… cough, cough, bullshit, cough, cough Yeah. I’m cynical like that. But, just because I call bullshiz on you, doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. In fact the list of things I’m grateful for daily would fairly stagger the mind.

Like not having the opportunity to get out of the car and beat the snot out of that guy who cut me off three times on I-4.

Or that Starbucks never seems to run out of Mochas.

Or the happy fact that I didn’t have to have that conversation that happened on a friend’s facebook page with that teabaggin’ jackwagon in person. Yeah, he better be thankful for that one too… logic and reason will always defeat teh stupid. Always. And besides, I’d really hate to make his stupidy stupid head blow up. And it would… like the man says: “the truth shall set you free, but first it’ll piss you off!”

So those are just three of the millions of things for which I thank God every day.

And, BTW, you should too. Just sayin.

But although all those things are extremely important, right now there’s two things that might seem sort of odd that are at the very top of my personal “thankful” list:

1) Dirty Dishes


2) Dirty Laundry

I know, SRSLY?? WTH?? Who in their right mind is thankful for stuff like that? Right? And the answer is… Me. And you too, after you read my reasons for that gratitude.

You see, if you look closely at the world around you today, you’ll discover people who are sometimes right next door, living in a world very different from ours. A world where both of those items aren’t always around. And that’s when have to take a moment to remember what both of those items represent – clothes on our backs and food on our tables. Today, folks, not everybody has that luxury, and to me that’s sad. But figuring that out also means that I’ve changed my perspective, and from this new perspective I’m very thankful for the odd things.

Things like having a big old crazy family that can drive me completely insane faster than anything in the world. Or three dogs that are constantly farting and making our house smell like something died, right under there. And then there’s my husband who continually reminds me why marriage is considered an institution. Or, those aforementioned dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and that ever-growing laundry pile lurking in the closet, because we’re blessed with both.

All of those things are signs of the Angels amongst us, but they’re Angels with dirty faces and scraped knees, or blessings in disguise. Because, remember, everything is perspective. Even blessings.

So perspective? This year you might want to get some. And then you need to remember what’s really important. Like those dishes in the sink, and the bounty of riches they represent in your life. Not work, riches. Proof indeed that you are blessed, if only you had eyes that could see that in the right light.

Perspective? I have it. Blessings? By the sink and hamper-full. And this Thanksgiving I wish you the same blessing – may your sink & your hamper be full to overflowing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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