Random Local Political Observations from the Queen of Randomness

Random Local Political Observations from the Queen of Randomness

First things first:  So Lumpy and Pinky are calling for an investigation into wrongdoing and theft in Raggy’s office.  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that sort of like having a team of Vampires calling for an investigation into the robbery of a blood bank.  Why for all the outrage boys?  Are you two looking for pointers and a how-to manual so you’ll do a better job next time? 

And another thing… WTF on Tyler Harber???  So he has nothing to hide, but he won’t tell all unless he gets immunity from prosecution for his actions?  Again, WTF?  $20 gets you better odds than you’ll get at a chicken fight in Cocke County that all he’s gonna’ say is “Mike made me do it all.”  You know, because Tyler wasn’t smart enough to come up with anything on his own.  My feel is that we turn Knoxville’s answer to Karl Rove over to Randy Nichols and his fine staff, and let them do the digging, since I don’t think he worked either a) alone, or b) only at Raggie’s direction.  I am of the solid opinion that if we let any member of that legislative clown car called the Knox County Commission try to investigate this one the results will be somewhat akin to re-trying the McCartney Trial.  The whole idea just buffoons me, it truly does!

And, last but not least, Sharon Cawood.  Disengenious beyond belief doesn’t even begin to describe the former first lady of Karns.  So she’s going for the easy route of an appointment to the seat, but she’s not going to run for it.  Now, slap my butt and call me Sally, but doesn’t this sound a lot like trying to use the backdoor to get into a stranger’s house instead of using the front door like all the other company?  Because, you know, once you’re in the house, part of the damned furniture, and all that, maybe the folks who didn’t like anybody who was there before, will decide that maybe you aren’t too bad and they’ll keep you after all.  You know, after all the shouting dies down and people go back to not caring again.  Look Shar, I can call you that, right, you know, since we’re pals and all that, just do us all a favor and keep drawing that check from Welcome Wagon, ’cause your wagon ain’t welcome on the commission any more. 

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