So, retail sales numbers came out today, and SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE, people have quit shopping.  Imagine.  What? Did everyone move in with The Bob?  Because I thought it was just me.  Hate it for you retailers… I’ll try to show you some love next month.  Maybe.

But beyond the shopless state of the United States, in those numbers there was one big shocker (for me anyway) – Neiman Marcus!!!  Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they get just get a bailout from the Government?  You know, that large cash donation they got from the "Sarah Palin Designer Schmata and Hooker Heel" Rescue Plan. 

Oops, my bad.  That was the RNC (and a wealthy donor’s credit card, sucker!) that made that donation, not us.  Yet.  However, one thing we’ve finally learned from all this is that the Bridge to Nowhere did actually have a destination – Sarah’s new closet!

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