Day 2 – it continues…

Yes, in the interest of accountability, I’m blogging again, second day in a row… I know, shocking!  Been years since that happened.  All I guess I can add is…

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife… it’s the endtimes!

Oh, and under the heading of two days in a row, I walked again, this time at lunch.  A sunny midday stroll through downtown “The City Beautiful”, and indeed it was.  Low humidity, lots of sun, nice breeze… this is as good as it gets here in the FLA.  Everything after this?  Downhill.  But this weather?  This is why we’re so happy to have a 33803 zip code.

Yay us!

But anyway, according to Dominatrix Barbie in my iPhone, I walked 1.42 miles in 19 min. or for those of you doing the math – a 13.3 min mile, in silly peeptoe espadrille flats.  Yeah… silly shoes for power walking FTW!  Seriously rethinking those $100 Asics now… perhaps money not well-spent?


So, shoe questions aside, feel good about moving forward a second day.  Think continuity is important.  And, besides, the four of you who are reading this might be disappointed if I quit so soon.  I won’t quit.  The first day was the hardest.  But I lived through it.  And I was able to get out of bed this AM and walk and all that.  So I think I can do this.

I think I can.

Thinking, it’s half the battle, no?

Yes… yes it is…