Moving on…

And truly, sometimes it feels like I’ve become an expert at that…

PS- this is not of the good.

So, yeah, today is a day of transition… another transition… and the first step in my next career move.  And, not that it’s going to be at all surprising to any of you, I’m possessing some very mixed emotions about this decision.  Very mixed.  Okay, actually mixed so much that I’m trying to figure out if someone has covertly installed a Kitchenaid in my brain… not that this would be surprising either… right?

Yeah, right, I knew every one of you would agree on that.

But, regardless of my mixed feelings and emotions, today is my last day as IZEA’s Oldest Living Intern.  As of Monday AM I move back into the real world of permanent employment complete with TPS Reports, health benefits, a full-time schedule… oh, and a nifty red Stapler, but only if I’m really lucky.  And, according to my hubby, the added bonus of no commute to Orlando.

Yeah, no more commute to O-town… which also means no more lunches at cool places downtown like Pine Twenty 2, no more kind words from Milton down at Siegel’s, no more walks in the sunshine around Eola or happy hours at Lizzie’s… and no more hanging out and working with some of the most creative, brilliant, and extremely entertaining people in the world at IZEA.

Somehow the eastern ‘burbs of L-town aren’t the same… not even if you through in Lakeside Village.  There’s nothing in Lakeland other than LPR that even touches my favorite Burger on organic Lettuce with Gruyere and those amazing fries.  Oh… those fries.  I could write poetry to the ambrosial taste of the fries at Pine Twenty 2.  Really.  And their organic Pesto.  That too.


I’m really gonna’ miss all this.  You have no idea.  Here I felt like I was finally in my element.  Here I finally felt like I had found my space.  But being here just wasn’t practical.  Damn, I hate even typing that.  It’s, like, nearly the worst thing in the world.  Be practical.  Who in the sweet merciful hills of Hell wants to be that?  I’ve practically made a life skill of being impractical.  My avocation as it were.  And that’s why I am stating unequivocally that practicality is a bitch.  It’s just so… so… adult?  Yeah, I guess that’s the word… adult.  And being an adult?  Not my favoritest thing in the world.  Not at all.

Are you surprised?  Should you be?  No, and no.

But for now I’m being practical.  Inordinately so.  And I’m doing what’s best for us.  While I finish school.  But after that’s done?  I’m full-on chasing this dream.  I’m going back to excitement, cutting edge, amazing cool stuff… on a daily basis… this is what I do.  This is how I live.  This is me.  The pixilated, 140 character, oversharing, totally wired Me… the one I started moving into in 2006.  The one I like.

So thanks to IZEA for helping me realize that potential, for helping me to finish drawing up the blueprint for this dream of mine.  This backward move is how I think I’ll change myself from a Dreamer into a Doer… because this is my future.  I know that now.  But, because I can occasionally be practical, I’m going back to the past so I can better pave my road to the future.  Because this future is where I want to be.  So Social Media world, you better not forget me… because I’m not really gone… I’m just temporarily changing directions in order to be able to make a change in my life for the better.  It may not make sense right now, when I’m standing here holding the road map upside down, but it will eventually.  You’ll see.  Trust me.

The future’s just up ahead… life moves in a circle… I’m still here… and I’ll be back.