Going to (Asheville) Carolina – and not just in my mind…

So, if you’re reading this then you’re alone.  I’m not here, because I wrote this on Tuesday, right before I left town on Friday, because we ran away for a couple of days.

We’re irresponsible like that.  If you’d like to dust I’d be fine with that… and maybe wipe down the countertops?  Bob’s allergic to the sponge, says it doesn’t fit his hand or some such bullish*%.  Yeah, so, since you’re here please tidy the place up… fluff the couch pillows… oh, and thanks!

But while you’re doing all that, keep in mind that for our Memorial Day Weekend we’re hanging in Asheville.  For the first time this year.  Because it’s way past time to go soak up some mountain cool.  Hey! Woah! Don’t throw stuff at me!

Sorry… okay, not, but it sounds legit, right?

PS – seriously?  You’d get mad?  Are you reading this thing regularly?  If so then you should have at least a small idea of how ready I am to be here  Yeah, really, that ready.  Actually ready doesn’t begin to describe how ready I am.  Lusting.  Yeah, that describes it better.  And there’s so much to lust for up here.  Hell, the whole place is Temptation – on a Cracker – with homemade Pimento Cheese and Country Ham Slivers.  Yep, that about sums it up.

Just so y’all know, French Broad Chocolate Lounge better have a Pots de Creme with my name on it… or two.  Hell, I might splurge and go for the truffles, and you can bet I’ll have at least one scoop of Maple Bacon Ice Cream.  And you can also bet that I’m hitting the North Asheville Tailgate Market Saturday morning… hoping against hope for a Proscuitto score from Hickory Nut Gap, and Goat Cheese from Spinning Spider.  I could go on, but then I’d have to stop writing and go fix breakfast, and there’s no time for that!

I really do miss my little haven in the mountains.  I just wish socks weren’t required in order to live there.  My relo list doesn’t include anywhere that involves socks.  Yes, it does.  Really.  Make a note Recruiters.

But anyway, enough scribbling.  I’m on vacation.  Enjoy your weekend too.  I’ll post pics and checkins so you can be jealous from a distance.  I’m kind like that.

Vacation.  In the mountains of NC.  For this Florida girl that sounds just a little bit like heaven.  See ya there?