Change is gonna’ do you good…

If it doesn’t kill you first.  There’s always that risk.

Yeah,  you know… “the more you know”… and of course, you’re welcome.

But what all that mumbling’s about?  Charting my future.  Sorting out the whole “what am I going to be when I grow up” question, which BTW might have made the last 30 years a little easier if I’d handled that sooner rather than later.  Just sayin.  Of course, by procrastinating on it for this long the plan doesn’t have to be as long… not so many years left to work with.

There, that’s a cheery thought.  Ponder that one for a while.

But getting back to my mental meanderings, letting your life plan be charted by a drunken Goat wandering in a pasture is not exactly the best way to do it.  Yeah.  Write that down and remember it younglings… and make a real plan.  Before life makes one for you.

Meanwhile, here at teh Googles, I’m researching mine.  Plotting and planning.  Now that I’ve given the path a name.  Now that I know what it looks like.  May the next 48 years be totally different from the first 48.

That was my birthday wish.


Different.  Because they say in the advertisements “different is good”.  I hope so.

Don’t you?