And while you’re at it… get the hell offa my lawn!

So, I’ve mildly ranted on Facebook about this, but I’m really gonna’ go off over here.


Really?  All week?  What exactly are you over compensating for this time?  They make medication for that BTW.  Meanwhile my dogs are now starting to look like villagers from some backwoods spot that was shelled repeatedly during the Hundred Years War.  Or perhaps three of the dogs who lived at Fort Sumter.  And I know they were weird before, but this is just beyond the weird.  Barking at all hours, sitting and quivering.

All because you’re a good American because you blow shit up?

Please note that I consider youu, and your flag-waving, explosive-using faux patriotism to be everything that’s wrong with the world today.  I’ll bet you don’t even vote.  Or know any of the words to the Declaration of Independence.  Or the Constitution.  But boy can you buy illegal fireworks that show the world in sparkly red, white, and blue explosions how much you love your country.

Your neighbors aren’t feeling that love.

Just stop.  Really.  Stop.  Because I know what the laws are and I’m going to report your illegal self if I have to deal with one more weekend of this nonsense.  You’ve been warned.  The dogs will come over later and express their displeasure.  I don’t think you’ll miss their point.

“These are the times that try men’s souls…”  and indeed they are Thomas Paine… indeed they are.

Bah humbug.