Hearing but not listening…

Happens a lot.  More than you think.

All. The. Time.

We have our reaction.  Before we understand the words. We look for validation from the voices that only say what we want to hear.  We filter out anything that doesn’t validate what we believe is true.

We don’t see or hear facts unless they match our beliefs.

Voluntary blindness.

Yet, despite our self-induced Myopia, somewhere inside of each of us there is a still, small voice.  Speaking the truth.  And we cannot run from that voice forever.

That voice doesn’t stop.


I could not save others.  But I will keep trying.  I do this because I care.  Because my small, still voice will not be quiet.  My small, still voice sometimes shouts for attention to be paid.  I do not pity.  Pity is wasted.  I try to help.  I try to show truth.  I try to shine a light into darkness.

I am afraid of the dark.  And the things that live there.  So my small, still voice uses words to warn of those things.  Those dangers.


Words that harm.  Words that hurt.  Words that move.


Words that draw a picture of love.


Words that speak.  Words that hear.  Words that are lost.

because we’re hearing… but not listening.