At a crossroads…

The path less taken… there it is.  Overgrown, hard to walk, more work.

Is it worth it?

Hard to say, impossible to know.  Feeling mixed.  Not sure of anything… but the hurt.  It’s still there.  The gaping emptiness where so many that I’ve loved are no longer.  I never knew emptiness could cause pain, but the space hurts.  I never needed extra space.  I needed them.  Need them.  But that I do not have, I have the hurt, and the hurt is still there.

And I consider those paths.  With the hurt of that emptiness throbbing inside of me.  Wondering which way to go.

Which is my path?  What is my way?

Easy or hard.  Or both.


Easy or hard.  Or both.

Light or dark. Right or wrong.  Black or white.

Nothing is ever that easy.