Caution! Construction Zone – (Wo)man at work

So, yeah, the renovations continue… this is where OCD is a serious problem kids. Make notes. But I do think I’m getting closer to happy with the new bloggity look. If you can’t see or find the new additions, the short list is that I’ve installed new, cute share buttons under the posts (see, they hide from you, isn’t that cute?) and I’ve rewritten the “About” page, reorganized the sidebar, and added social networking links so you can find me all over the danged place. Just so you know, I’m not entirely happy with the buttons, which brings me to my first rant…

You Graphics people really need to add Pinterest and Foursquare to the cute icon sets, just sayin’

There, got that out of my system, moving on!

Anyway, my next thing is to find the right header image that best portrays the chaos that our house thrives on. Something normal, but not. I’m looking, I’ll find it eventually, and then I’ll be happy with the updates, maybe. But in the meantime there’s that splash of color up there. It works. So, gimme’ feedback peeps… does it work? Is it friendly? Modernized? Easy to read? What else do I need?

Operators are standing by!