Chickens, Jackwagonry, and us…

oh my!

I’ve been quiet lately.  For a lot of reasons.  But mainly it’s expeditious.  Work is being a vampire and I just don’t have time for creativity.  Not that I ever have time for much creativity… right?  Yeah, well, anyway.  Clearly I’m not a BlogHer12… damn the MAN!  But next year kids… next year I’m going… COME HELL OR HIGH WATER!

This year, however, much like the last several, I am not.  Instead I’m making out with the employment equivalent of Edward Cullen… oh yeah, and I’m trying not to EXPLODE from all of the jackwagonry of National “Let’s Support Millionaires Who Want Us to Live in a Theocracy” Day.

And I just failed.  Blerg.  So not that you care but here’s what I think.  Instead of filling my feed with nonsense, I’m doing what I do best.  Voting with my wallet.  To be clear, I haven’t been to “that chicken place” in quite a long time.  I will not go back there.  Neither will Bob.  Because after I heard about their pet causes that they support I made the conscious decision not to allow them to spend my hard-earned money supporting hate that I don’t agree with.


Yeah, I think this makes my point pretty well.  But then, there’s also the fact that I don’t like their chicken.  Bonus.

So yeah, all of y’all can blather on about the First Amendment and how the “gay” man is trying to get Mr. Cathey down all you want.  And then I invite you to please wash it down with a nice, refreshing glass of STFU.  Oh, and rejoice (or be afraid) at the idea that I’m praying for you.  Because all this crap from yesterday?  It just looked like Selma in 1962 to me.  Because every reason I’ve heard so far as to why gays shouldn’t have the same civil rights as the rest of us today?  Yeah, your Grandma said all of them about black folks back during the Civil Rights era.

Yeah, she did.  So again, back to our drinking game… time for another glass of STFU, just for you!

Just so we’re clear, the Bible can be used to justify practically everything.  Or nothing at all.  Oh, and if all the religions are to be believed then the upshot is that my God says that your God is an asshole.  Yeah, there’s that too.  Of course, my advice to all of you is to quit justifying racism and hate with God.  You’re really pissing him off.

Oh, and you can add me to that list as well.  Not that it matters.

To put a sharp point on this… I know some lovely Christians who live their lives in a way that is very much Christ-like.  And some lovely LGBT people who do the same.  And then I know plenty of you idiots who knee-jerked to the cause of a multimillion dollar corporation that is doing just fine thankyouverydamnedmuch, because Jesus (and some cows) supposedly love chicken.

Which is why I think you’re idiots, really.  You and those cows.  At least the cows have a vested interest.

Anyway, whatevs, hope that chicken sandwich gets you the nice cushy seat in Heaven… but I think secretly it won’t.  I personally think you need to either live the whole fairytale or none at all – but so far I haven’t seen any slave markets for 14 year old girls so I think you’re not going that way.  As for me and my house?  We’re doing the right thing.  And we’re not eating that chicken.  Because we know where it was before it crossed the road.

And that wasn’t a Church, in case it matters.  But it probably doesn’t.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got real issues to worry about.  Like finding another picture of Ryan Lochte.  Or figuring out who medaled in Curling.  That shiz is important, yo?


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