The Back to School Update – Part “The Last”

So, yeah, got all my books for Fall 1, and never before has there been seen a more boring looking collection of excruciation.  These books are friends I tell you, they hang out on the same shelf, go on vacations together, they’re buddies.  Oh, gotta insert a caveat here, I’ve got all of them except for that hellishly expensive Financial Management book, which to me is supreme irony.  Seriously?  The point of financial management is to conserve funds, but I can’t very well do that when I’m spending all my funds buying the damned book, now can I?  Anyway, I won’t be buying that one until after first class when I find out which version the Professor recommends.  And, of course, if her name is included in any way, her answer will be “buy all of the books!”

Grumble, grumble, shyster charlatans, grumble.

But I’m not bitter… not after several semesters of this… no, not at all (wink, wink).

Anyway, I’ve also got my new, shiny school supplies, complete with Ink Joy Pens, and liquid lead pencils… because you know I’m the nerdiest about this stuff.  And, yes, everything is color coordinated.  Also not a surprise.  But accessorizing is what separates us from the animals, right?

Yeah, er, right.

This semester is 18 credit hours – divided between 12 in Fall 1 and 6 in Fall 2.  Piece of cake, no?  Well, no.  It’s not.  Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Human Resources, and Strategic Management are Fall 1… yay.  No really, yay.  If I survive that it will be a miracle.  Truly a miracle.  Color me nervous.  then Fall 2 has another management class combined with my Capstone class where I have to run a $30,000,000 company – with a team.  Don’t worry, I’ve already inquired as to whether I can fire my team and go it alone.

Oh come on, you know you aren’t surprised by that.  Neither was the faculty member I asked.  However, he did tell me that I was the first ever to ask that particular question. Such a trendsetter I am.  That right there is the reason I’m on that President’s List.  No other reason necessary.  I think I’m already a distinguished Alumnus, and I haven’t even graduated yet!

Anyway, yeah, I’m ready to do this thing and finish this journey… sort of.  But I’ve really enjoyed being in the classroom and I feel like I’ve taken years off my age by going to the trouble of actually learning.  And I did, learn that is, lots of stuff in fact, and for that alone I think this was worth it.

But I’m not through.  Not by a long shot.

Yep, I know it’s crazy, but I’m taking a year or two off and then I’m starting my Masters.  In what?  Oh, I haven’t decided yet, but it’s next.  Of that you can be sure.  And if you’re like me, and you haven’t done this, DO IT!  It’s so worth it.  Really.  It is.  Even if it does me no good at all, it’s still worth it.  After all, as the saying goes “No matter how slow you are you’re still lapping everybody on the couch”.

I’m ready.  Let’s SOAR!

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