Coming home…

in a lot of different ways, with a lot of different meanings… but the end result is that I am home.

As in unemployed by choice – home from work for a while so I can concentrate on the things that matter.  The things that make up a real life.  The things that are important.

As in home from traveling – since we’ve been on the road almost every weekend since the end of July.  Now though it appears we’re home… to stay for a while… for the Fall… which is my very favorite time of year.

As in home from misplaced priorities – since all that flurry causes one to lose track of the important stuff, the things you cannot replace, the things that count.  I was reminded of the importance of those things last week by a friend on Facebook who commented on how lucky I am to have a husband who is so supportive of me and my goals.  He is.  He’s a wonderful man.  Who gets a lot of abuse at times, sorry.  He loves me.  And I love him.  And I choose him, every time.  He has my back.  Thanks.

As in home here on my little spot on the interwebz, where I haven’t had much time to even visit, let alone sit on the porch and ponder.  Time for pondering, even in the virtual sense, is so critical for me.  I have to have time in my head, for just me, to examine stuff, think things through, mull things over, and I’ve not had the time recently to do that.  In fact, with the pace we’ve kept for the last several months, I haven’t had time to do much more than survive.  Let alone build my community.

I missed this place, this time, this life.  Although I also miss before, now that I’m here at after.  But I’m home, here at after, and I’m happy for that.  As well as a million other things little and big.  This is life.  Good and bad, and mediocre and sad, sublime and ridiculous.  I hope yours has that too.

Grab it now, hold it tight, and know that you may never come this way again, but this life is the only shot you get.  Take it.


And go home.

Mittens and the Faux Flap over the Freeloading 47%

So kids, I’m sure we’re all sick to death over the media’s trumpeting about Mittens Antoinette and his disdain for 47% of our country.  Not that it surprises me.  No, not at all.  In fact, I’m of the opinion that this video being released might be a relief for Mitt.  A catharsis of sorts.  And at least he was honest, for a little while anyway, which is a refreshing change coming from his campaign.

After all, to finally be able to state what he believes, even if it was put rather “inelegantly”, and let the chips fall where they may?  You might think further divisiveness would be the result, but in the end I think it’s a win.  For him anyway.  He motivates his base, and he needs every one of them charged up and ready, at the polls early and often, because he doesn’t have a shot in hell at winning anybody besides them.  African Americans? No.  Hispanics? Er, after all that talk about bigger walls? No.  Women?  Only the ones who think like Anne, or who want to get a $70k write off for a Dressage Horse that lost in the Olympics.

Sidenote- how has the horse kept its job?  This guy downsizes people for fun.  Why hasn’t Rafalca Romney been strapped to the roof of one of Anne’s two Cadillac’s and driven off to the Elmer’s plant?  Just one of the many questions rattling around in my brain.  Any guesses?  Maybe he’s pulling a cart and entertaining children through the election?

Anyway, back to the tape.  About which I believe the release was neither an accident nor targeted toward the people you think.  But then again I don’t think there are accidents.  I think everything is planned, but this most especially.  Because the people he’s talking about?  That 47% of entitled people?  Well, the really crazy part about them is that they’re his voters, and they don’t know he’s talking about them.  They all heard his words, talking on that video, and they also heard the dog whistle underneath.  They think he’s talking about St. Ronnie’s Cadillac-driving Welfare Queen.

But in reality, those same people who heard his dog whistle?  They’re who he’s talking about.  The working poor, the elderly – that’s the face of entitlement in Mitt’s world.  People who don’t pay income tax.  The “entitled” 47%.  Yes, Angel Davis is among them, and so is my Dad and Step-mother.  Angel lives off of state aid, but my Father lives off of Social Security and his wife is disabled.  They too live off of entitlement programs.  However, nobody thinks of Social Security as an entitlement.  They look at it as something they earned by working for all those years.  Likewise disability.  Money that was paid in and is being taken back out when you need it.


So what 33% of that 47% looks like is not Angel Davis, but instead looks more like your Grandma, or Mom, or Dad, or Great Aunt Harriet who lives on less than $1000 a month in a rent-subsidized apartment for seniors.  Yeah, them.  You see, any government program that sends money into your home that you are not earning through current work that you are doing today is an entitlement program.  And Social Security and Disability are the largest entitlement programs operating today.  Yes, they really are, quit arguing about how you earned that benefit, because even if you did “waybackintheday” as long as the government is sending it to you rather than you actually earning it in a paycheck it’s not a wage, it’s an entitlement.

Er, yeah.  Awkward.

You see Mitt’s a smart one and he knows there’s a whole bunch of people just like you out there who don’t believe what I’m saying.  Who just called out “BULLSHIT!”  Who only believe he’s talking about Angel Davis and her 15 kids.  And that’s why Mitt’s not worried.  Not at all.  This is the best thing that could happen for him.  He’s telling his real friends, the people who are buying this election for him, that he’s going after all the “freeloaders” as soon as he’s elected, while he lets you continue to believe that he’s only going to take care of folks like Angel.  ”Clean up the trash” as it were (cue Dick Dastardly snicker and image of Mitten’s rubbing his hands together as he smirks his way to the polls).

Unfortunately for you, you’re part of his trash, but he knows you don’t know it, and he knows that because you hate Angel and everything about her kind you’re more than willing to go out and do your part to vote him in.  So you’re important here.  You’re a part of his plan, pre & post election, even though you don’t know it yet.


Do yourself a favor if you’re in the numbers of working poor or if you’re retired – educate yourself somewhere other than Faux News.  There’s a lot of money riding on you staying ignorant.  Don’t do that.  American Idol and X-Factor can wait until after November.  Your future cannot.

Learn, decide, vote… the future you save might be your own.