Coming home…

in a lot of different ways, with a lot of different meanings… but the end result is that I am home.

As in unemployed by choice – home from work for a while so I can concentrate on the things that matter.  The things that make up a real life.  The things that are important.

As in home from traveling – since we’ve been on the road almost every weekend since the end of July.  Now though it appears we’re home… to stay for a while… for the Fall… which is my very favorite time of year.

As in home from misplaced priorities – since all that flurry causes one to lose track of the important stuff, the things you cannot replace, the things that count.  I was reminded of the importance of those things last week by a friend on Facebook who commented on how lucky I am to have a husband who is so supportive of me and my goals.  He is.  He’s a wonderful man.  Who gets a lot of abuse at times, sorry.  He loves me.  And I love him.  And I choose him, every time.  He has my back.  Thanks.

As in home here on my little spot on the interwebz, where I haven’t had much time to even visit, let alone sit on the porch and ponder.  Time for pondering, even in the virtual sense, is so critical for me.  I have to have time in my head, for just me, to examine stuff, think things through, mull things over, and I’ve not had the time recently to do that.  In fact, with the pace we’ve kept for the last several months, I haven’t had time to do much more than survive.  Let alone build my community.

I missed this place, this time, this life.  Although I also miss before, now that I’m here at after.  But I’m home, here at after, and I’m happy for that.  As well as a million other things little and big.  This is life.  Good and bad, and mediocre and sad, sublime and ridiculous.  I hope yours has that too.

Grab it now, hold it tight, and know that you may never come this way again, but this life is the only shot you get.  Take it.


And go home.

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