Train and pain: Physical Fitness- Dr. Seuss-style

So, not sure I shared this yet, but in January we’re running our first 5k.

(cue balloons, streamers, confetti, cute stretcher-bearing EMTs, and the like)

And yes, it’s okay to laugh… I know it sounds totally redonkulous.  Totally.  Fer sure.  But yes, we’re running.  And we’re not being chased by a bear, which might or might not be a good thing.  Not sure yet.  The bear might be my only way to finish this damned thing.  Especially since neither of us has really gotten serious about the whole training thing.

Er, yeah.

Listen dammit we’ve been busy!  Very busy in fact.  And we’ve just not had time yet to get started.  But we’re going to.  I promise.  Besides, we’ve got plenty of time.  January is a long way away… right?

Anyway, yeah, we’re running the Disney Marathon Weekend 5k… no, not the damned marathon.  I’m not entirely certain they could remove enough of my brain to allow me to even consider training for that.  I tried.  It just didn’t work out.  Sorry.  Moving on.  To a 5k… that seems theoretically to be more accessible to us.  If we get off our butts and start training.

Train.  There’s that word again.  That rhymes with pain.  If I don’t start real soon it will drive me insane.

I better get moving or I’m going to be that schmuck.  You know, the one In the back of the truck.

Because I wasn’t into pain so I didn’t take the time to train and my 16 minute mile went straight down the drain.

Yeah, that’ll be just my luck, because being in the truck will totally suck.   So I’m going to get up and not be a schmuck, the training I’ll do even though it will suck.

I’ll do the training and I won’t be paining or wheezing and geezing or going insaning.  And then with any luck I won’t end up in the truck.  Because as we all know, the truck it will suck.

The end.

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