There’s always a plan…

but when exactly did I become Blanche Dubois? And for all of you who just collectively went “huh???”, here’s the scene that best defines her…

And the point of this?  That again I’ve been blessed by the generosity of strangers, in the form of another scholarship from Polk State, and I’m truly in shock.  This Summer was more than I could handle, getting a full-ride for the semester when all I asked for was an extension on my due date.  That was mind-blowing.  But then, at the start of the semester when I was trying to set up my payment plan, I kept getting a differing amount due for this semester, so finally I got too curious and clicked on the section that shows my account information and that’s where I learned that I’ve been chosen again.  Given two semesters of help that I didn’t even ask for.  And once again I see that invisible hand, at work in my life.

I am not alone.

So whenever you think you are, look around you.  You’ll always find somebody, somewhere, is with you.  Somebody has your back.  Somebody cares.


Thanks again Universe.  For thinking of me.  For believing in me.  For caring.