The Law of Unintended Consequences – Michelle Bachmann edition

So, yeah, we’re pretty liberal around here.  Okay, maybe a little bit more than “pretty”.  Perhaps pretty is an understatement.


But let me tell you, Huffpo just made my Tuesday!  Oh, and yay for liberal left-leaning political media!  Long may it print!  And for those of you who don’t have the benefit of my Facebook feed, read this:

Michelle Bachmann goes to Temple

Are we all back yet?  Did we lose anyone?  Dang it, y’all need to do a better job of keeping up.  Anyway, the stragglers will catch back up in a minute.  Meanwhile I think it’s time for an open letter.  Because as a half Jewish household we find her visit to any Temple offensive.  She is everything that is anathema to what we believe in and we would have walked out too had she shown up at our Kol Nidre service.  So, anyway, here’s the point, in case you don’t get it.

Dear Christians,

In the interest of peace between the faiths please keep in mind that most Jews care about much more than just Israel.  As the descendants of the people who survived the Holocaust where more than just Jews died at the hands of “good Christians”, Jews are also pretty interested in human rights for everyone.  After all, they’re the ones with realtime experience in being herded up because of their faith and put to death because of their beliefs.  BTW having that experience makes all the evangelical bullshit claims of war on your religion simply laughable.  You want war on your religion?  Die for it.  Until then you should be aware that your complaints about not being able to perform the Nativity Pageant in public schools where Jews and Muslims also attend seems more than a little ridiculous to us.  You should make a note of the fact that most Jews are well aware that the only reason for the evangelical Christian community’s sycophantic support of Israel is due only to the apocalyptic prophecies from the book of Revelation.  You see, the Jews might not believe in the New Testament but they do know how to read it.  Please also keep in mind that your meddlingsupport of the Jewish state isn’t really all that necessary for its survival since every Jewish festival and holiday is based around the back story of “they tried to kill us all, we survived, let’s eat”.  Yep, they’re survivors like that.  And they’re not fighting for the right to put the Menorah right next to the Baby Jesus under Christmas Trees in every public space, or the removal of Bacon from your Breakfast, even though they don’t eat it.  But you seem to waste your time on these types of fights, with the intention of ramming your beliefs down the throats of everyone, and screaming discrimination when you get caught at it.  Amazing that you’re all still pulling that crap, lo these thousands of years later.  Some religions never learn.


The Weiners

Now, if any of you good folks in Minnesota really want to make a difference in the world today, please vote Ms. Bachmann back home so she can “spend more time with her family”.  This is a woman who desperately needs to lose her Soapbox (or bully pulpit).  She is not fooling anybody with her “Christianity” when she preaches a non-stop message of hatred toward everyone who isn’t “just like her” and you can be sure that appearing in a Temple isn’t going to change anybody’s mind.

To put a southern spin on it – you can put a cat in the oven, but that don’t make it a biscuit.

But, anyway, yay to the members of the tribe in Chicagoland who are voting their conscience, even when it’s outside of their district.  Send her a message, and hopefully also send her home.  IMO the US needs more people like this congregation.  Many more.  Tolerance?  It’s a good thing, when it goes both ways.  Ms. Bachmann has shown exactly none, and that’s exactly what she should receive.

Mazel tov!