95 days and counting…

So… yeah… mentioned running yesterday… and I’m still doing that craziness.  Yes. I know.  And I’m still not being chased by someone with an axe.  Although that might come in useful some days.  If you know anybody then please HMU… I may need to put some resumes on file for that position.  But anyway, miles keep progressing, and believe it or don’t I’ve actually run over 11 miles all at one time.  Yes, in one run, 11.8 miles, and nobody died, despite my dire predictions otherwise.

I know… what the what???

It’s challenging though, especially when my running partner is Stuart Smalley.  Him with the relentless cheerfulness and spring in his step.  Most of the time I want to kill him.  Dead.  Or mostly dead.  And then I’ll eat some Bacon, lots of Bacon.  And then I’ll revive him and kill him again.  And then I’ll finish the Bacon.  But I’ll kill him with kindness and love though… because I’m like that.

Cue chorus of “poor Bob”…

But yeah, I’m still at it.  And my first and second goals are now getting uncomfortably close.  You remember.  The two Half Marathons I signed us up for last Spring.  When I somehow talked myself into the crackpot idea that I am a Marathon Runner.

Yeah… again, what the WHAT???

Apparently delusions are a tricky thing, eh?  Anyway, yeah, I came to this crazy-assed decision months ago and ever since then I’ve been running.  Just like Forrest Gump.  Only slower.  Like possibly slower than a herd of Turtles running through 6 inch deep Peanut Butter, but still I run.

Like I’m mildly scared… not yet terrified… but occasionally I do burst into a short sprint that speaks of low level terror.  Not “OMG he’s got an Axe” terror, but getting close to that.  More like “OMG he’s wearing Axe Shower Gel and Body Spray and Shampoo… all of the Axe… run away!!!!!”  Yeah, like that.

You’re welcome… now enjoy that visual in Smellovision… great isn’t it?

But anyway, yes, I’ve been playing this running game for a while and I was doing fine with my delusions and then yesterday I saw this little gem of happiness when I was on Runkeeper


Yes… 67 days until my first test of these new mad skillz I’ve acquired.


And to make matters worse, the next thing I saw was this


And then I fainted.  Dead away.

Really?  Two months is all that’s left between me and those two twin monuments to craziness?  Until I have to actually put up or shut up about this whole “I’m a runner” thing?  I don’t think there’s enough time.  Not even if I had an entire year extra.  Maybe two.  But then I started remembering when I first started this craziness.  Back when less than a mile was more than I could do.  When most people could walk faster than I was running.  And then I realized that I’ll be fine.  No, I won’t set any land speed records.  But then, I’m reasonably sure that there are no Lions out on Lake Hollingsworth that will assist with my training.  But I do have that stupid voice in my head.  The one that says “you’ve got this”, and “don’t listen to your idiotic knee”, and “youcandoityoucandoityoucandoit”.  That one.  And yes, I can. And yes, I’ve gotten faster since I started.  And yes, I can go for much longer than I could when I started.

See?  This is from my very first Galloway Run – BTW my interval time back then -for those keeping score at home- was 20 seconds Running and 40 seconds Walking


And then, when I saw this, that’s when I knew that I’ve got this… because this was yesterday’s run


And again, for you scorekeepers, my current interval cycle is 1 minute Run / 1 minute Walk, and I’d already decided that this is the week that I’m going to start stepping that up to 2 min Run / 1 min Walk… starting with tomorrow morning’s training run.  So… yeah… I think I’ve got this.

So the moral here, all illustrations aside, is that if I can do this anybody can.  Really, anybody.  No, it’s not what I live for. Yes I still hate it just as much as I did the first time I laced up my shoes and started out the door.  But I’m doing it.  For me.  For my future.  Because I want my 50s to be better than my 40s.  And I want my 60s to f’in rock.

So I run.

I run for me.

Find something you can do and just do it.  Do it for you.  Because nobody else can.  Live your life.  Live it big.

Just do it.