Being safely unsafe…

There’s something reassuring about routine… something comforting… something safe.  And figuring this life lesson out for me has been hard.  I’m a natural change agent… I like change, chaos, turmoil, and the danger that all bring to my life. I like having to adapt, switching up the routine, moving in different directions, sometimes quickly, with no time to adapt, and no time to adjust.

Until I don’t.

Until I crave sameness.  Until I need safety.  Until I go to ground.  I do that sometimes.  Go to ground.  Put myself into a place where things are the same.  Things are not changing.  Things are static and predictable.  So I can catch my breath, color inside my lines for a little while, and just be me.  The other me.  The me that doesn’t like all the things that the other me thrives on.  The me that craves quiet and peace.  For a little while.

Until I don’t.

Safety and sameness, chaos and change… opposite sides of the same coin.  Elements of my life.  Equal parts of me.  One side tidy and safe, the other side fearless and brave… both 100% all me.  Living life.  Fully.

And you never know which one you’re going to get.

Good luck.