What would you do…

If you knew you could not fail?

Wow, that quote opens up so many things doesn’t it?  If you knew you could do anything, what would that anything look like?  Hard to wrap your mind around that one, isn’t it?  Nearly impossible.


And the reason I’m thinking this way is because of a new account I’m working with.  The organization’s name is “Make Yes Happen!” and that’s what they do – Make Yes Happen, for anybody and everybody.  Whatever your “yes” is, whatever you set as your next goal or challenge, they’ll help you get there.  Want to run a marathon but need sponsorship?  They can help.  Need coaching or help getting to the next level with your goals?  They can do that too!  These folks are amazing and I’m really glad to say they’re a part of our Lakeland community.  These are the people we need more of in L-Town… people who will help make our community “Yes” happen!  People who can help us find a way when we think there’s just no way.

There’s always a way.

In talking with one of the principals of Make Yes Happen over the last two weeks  the thing I’ve been reminded of most is the huge number of “yes’s” we’ve made happen this year.  Truly, it’s been a very productive year for us.  But it certainly didn’t start out that way.  In fact, looking back at the beginning, I remember too well how hard making that first yes happen actually turned out to be.  It almost didn’t.


I remember signing up for our first real 5k last year, sending off the $120, and then thinking no more about it.  Life got in the way.  We didn’t train.  You know the story.  So, apparently running a 5k requires more than just writing a check?   Yeah?  Who knew?  Of course we finally remembered this in late December, while we were wine tasting in Paso Robles, exactly ten days before the event, when we looked at each other and said “no way!”  However, after unsuccessfully trying to either get a refund or move to another event, that answer became “way!”  And we did it.  We survived.  Yes, we ran a 17 min/mile… yes, we only ran a fraction of the entire event… but we did it.  And the feeling?  It was incredible.  Because we made our first “Yes” happen.  No, it wasn’t pretty.  We didn’t set a Personal Record.  But you know what?  No matter how slow you are you’re still faster than everybody who’s still sitting on the couch.

Yep… you are.

And today we’ve run many 5ks since that first one, and we’re less than 90 days away from our first Half Marathon and our next big “Yes”.  And that’s why I’m asking the question about what you’d do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?  Because when we started our journey we knew we could quit, we knew we could get hurt… we knew we could fail, but still we tried.  We were laughed at, eyerolled, and nobody I think believed we’d do this.  But we have.  We are making our Yes’s happen.  And this is why I love Make Yes Happen… because they’re helping people just like us do this too and their enthusiasm for what they’re doing is irresistible!

So the next time you think about something that’s a huge challenge.  Something that you think you cannot do.  Think about it some more.  Think hard.  And let go of the fear.  Make your Yes happen!  And if you need help with that?  I may just know people who can help with that:-)