Been a while…

Yeah… I guess… a minute or two anyway.  What can I say? Been busy?  Yeah, busy… that’s an understatement.  Making dreams come true takes a lot of work kids.  Lots and lots.  And so much attention must be paid… that too.  So “me time” on here has been a scarce commodity.  So much I’ve wanted to write, so many things I’ve wanted to work through in words, but no time to do so.  So I’m writing in my head and neglecting this thing.

Life?  It’s good.  Okay… better than good.  Actually it’s damned near perfect these days.  Yes, I got the dream job.  Finally after 8 years of trying I’ve managed to make a total sea change in my career, into a field that didn’t even exist when I first started college way back in ’82.  When I went back to school in ’10 this was my plan.  I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make it happen but I knew it would.  I had faith.  And, hey!  Imagine that!  It did.  And it’s perfect… just like I planned… and I love it.  Simply put… my work is every thing I dreamed it would be, working with people I really like and respect, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.   And for those of you playing along at home… I do miss my IZEA family… I miss the energy, the forward motion, the feeling of being a part of something on the verge of being huge.  But because of this thing I do, this social media world I’m wired into like a native, I’ve not really left them.  Amazingly enough there were people there who played a huge part in helping me to move into this new role.  For which I will forever be grateful.  That kind of support and care is hard to find these days.

I am so lucky.  So very very lucky.

But anyway, there’s the update.  Life is good.  Blah blah blah.  Here comes the holidays… hope yours are spectacular.  Ours?  Who knows.  But no matter what… it’s still good.