What I did with my Summer Vacation…


In just a few words… a lot of searching. I’ve been on the hunt for a new gig since May 1 and it’s had me on the road all over the place, both virtually and literally. I’m still not employed but I am interviewing several times a week and I think it’s getting close. It’s one of those things where I’m going to know when it’s right. When I’ve found my bliss. I’ve come close, I’ve actually interviewed with the same large organization 6 times for 3 different positions, but I’ve still not found the perfect gig. My short list this time is actually pretty stripped down for me. I want a brand, a big brand, or an agency with several they’re repping. I don’t want another short term contract… I want a home’ish thing that’s going to last more than 6 months. If I wanted to do the damned Bachelor I’d be on it… of course being married might be a complication but I could figure it out… I’m tired of going in a door and thinking “is this the one?” and getting the answer of #nope. #Nope pretty much is not a good answer for anything, other than eating breakfast with my bestie when he does that trick with Over Easy Eggs where he explodes them all over the rest of his food and I quietly say “oh I’ll just have the dry toast and a large piece of cardboard to partition off this table… yes Matt, I’m talking about you. ¬†And the last thing that I took off the list this time is that I am no longer married to staying in Florida. I know… holy shiz! Who saw that coming?

Short answer – NOBODY!

So with that stripped down list, I’ve sent resumes all over the US and I’ve interviewed in places I never dreamed I would consider. I roadtripped to Detroit even, and before you say it, yes, really, the Motor City? Well, yeah, it’s on the list… along with Piscataway, NJ, Seattle, WA, Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, and virtually any place that has the right money on offer and meets the rest of my scant requirements.

As for why I’d leave Florida, the place I love with all my heart… well I’ve got a million economic reasons why but mainly I think the feelings stem from a desire to push outside of my comfort zone. I need more brand experience of course, there’s that small reality, but I’m feeling too rooted these days and you guys all remember that I’ve spent most of my life as a tumble weed… the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere is now officially Lakeland and the longest tenure in a house was our rental on Derbyshire. Yes, seriously. Five years. It was a lifetime. Of course now we own our house here in Lakeland and that’s even harder. I never intended to own anything other than the clothes on my back and a random collection of “the things she carried”… I certainly didn’t intend to be a permanent fixture anywhere… but here I am. So it’s time and I’m looking… everywhere.

As for the plan, for the next move I won’t be gone forever but I will achieve my goals. I don’t have a lifetime left and it’s time to figure out this next chapter. Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end, right? Well, that’s what they say anyway… we’ll see. I’m writing it now… as hard as I can… and so far it looks pretty good. Life isn’t about living one thing, it’s about rolling with the changes and making them work for you. I’m doing exactly that. I’m fine, really, and I’m good at this. 2016 hasn’t been the best year but it’s been survivable.

I’m surviving.

It’s what I do… what I love… who I am. So who are you? Do you live? Do you just exist? Why? Change it up… look around and know that life is short and you only get one. Just go do it.



Starting over…


Yeah… again… like that’s not something brand-new and shiny for me… right? But yeah, since apparently self-hosted blogs get deleted if you don’t update the credit card info… ten years of my writing, erased in one button push. I know, seriously? WTOH? And we’ve been told the interwebs are forever… that’s a lie from the pit of hell kids, just so we’re clear. So I’m heartbroken, so much content gone, so much of me deleted.


But I can rebuild, I can still write, I still know the engrishes. But I’m still mad. Really mad. Like unreasonably, ridiculously, irrationally angry AF. At me, at Bluehost, and pretty much the interweb too. Stay out of the way… this could end up getting ugly.

Just sayin.

Update: Thanks to the wizardry of my good friend Chuck Welch I’ve been directed to a source for at least a good chunk of my old posts. It’s tedious work copying and pasting the old stuff but I am rebuilding, slowly but surely. You’ll see more and more content continue to show back up over the next days/weeks/months as I continue recreating my past. Thanks again Chuck! You’re a lifesaver!