Temporarily closed for repairs…

So yeah… lots of stuff going on kids… ALL. OF. THE. STUFF. Head is spinning from all of the changes that are happening really damned fast and if you follow me on Facebook then you already know the scoop. However, until I get some security updates done on this bloggity blog thing I won’t be talking about ALL. OF. THE. STUFF. on here for a while.

Remember the social and cyber stalking I dealt with a long time ago? Yeah… that’s a problem… again…


So I’ll be back after I install a forcefield or barbed wire or contact the appropriate authorities or whatever it takes to make this my private safe place again. Oh… and despite this momentary hiatus know that everything is good… life is coming together in a beautiful way… and I’m happy. Yes there’s things that aren’t perfect. But I finally achieved a goal I’ve been working on for a very long time.

I won.

But then again I always do. It’s my refusal to quit, the strength in my heart, the love in my soul, and the people in my life. All of that adds up to a future that is so damned bright that not only do I have to wear shades but it makes the past simply fade away.

An Irish toast first… May those who love us love us. For those who don’t, may God turn their hearts. And if God can’t turn their hearts then may he turn their ankles. So we can know them by their limp.

To winning… to the future… and to no limping people allowed… clink!

Cheers y'all!


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