Five months… and change…

Five months ago everything in my life started changing, and I didn’t even know it.

I started changing.

Five months ago I sent a resume to a company in Fort Myers that I’d never heard of. Four and a half months ago I came down to Punta Gorda for the first time. Four months ago I sent more resumes to more companies in the Sarasota/Fort Myers area. Three months ago I started interviewing. Two months ago I interviewed for the position I ended up taking. One month ago I accepted my new job and signed the lease on my new house. This week I moved into my new house and started the process of building a life here alone, away from my village, with new friends, in a new village.

Everything changes.

And today another morning begins in paradise… a lovely dinner with friends last night, nearly settled into my house, but I’m still struggling with how fast everything has changed. How short five months really is. Honestly it’s almost breathtaking when I step back and see how much everything has changed.

Everything has changed.

Five months ago I was on month 11 of unemployment, today I have a 2 min. commute to my new office. Five months ago I drank coffee every morning as I watched the sun rise over Lake Hollingsworth, today I can see Charlotte Harbor from my office steps. Five months ago I ate dinner on the pool deck, today my lanai faces a tropical jungle that is so very peaceful at night and I can’t wait to eat dinner outside and listen to the nightlife serenade. Five months ago I was out with friends nearly all the time, today I occasionally go to dinner with friends but I’m still building my village and learning about the area and I feel like I’m looking for change in the things I do for fun.

Everything changes… into a different good.

Yes, I’ll get used to this I know. One day I suspect that I’ll look around and realize that five years have passed and this little town of Punta Gorda has become home. But not today. Today I’m between worlds. Today I’m still handling all of the change. Today change is my companion and my friend. Today change is all I know.

Change is good.

So here’s my advice… change is going to happen whether you like it or not so control the chaos by doing it yourself. Blow up your life occasionally… and deal with the aftermath. Don’t get so wrapped up in keeping everything the same that you become rigid and trapped. Happy is where you find it. So go look for it.

Look for change.


Be your Change.

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