Every little thing…


So I’m a little introspective these days… maybe 36 hours of weather mayhem and a week of prep before said near-disaster will cause that? Or it’s the overthinking thing… there’s that too. And then there’s the OCD issues…

Oh holy hell… perhaps I should just take myself to a facility and call it a life? Naaaaaa… what’s the fun in that I ask you? There’s too many people around me who would be lost if I weren’t around to pretty much bug the ish out of them with all my quirks and annoyances. So… you’re welcome? I guess since I don’t just have issues, it’s more like  subscriptions and you get the same magazine if you’re my friend 😉

Lucky you!

Anyway the news cycle is still 24/7 disaster, I still have quite a few friends and many acquaintances without power and such, and I feel so very blessed. In fact it’s still almost more than I can believe that none of my many homes or refuges suffered any losses beyond just a temporary power outage (my rental and my friend’s condo in Punta Gorda), and minor exterior damage (Lakeland). So yeah, I really was blessed. Honestly blessed. And I feel guilty for that blessing.

I know… right? Who saw that coming? Thanks organized religion. You’re who I blame for that one… you’re truly the gift that keeps on giving. #dammit

Regardless, I do feel guilty. Because I just don’t know why I got this blessing and so many others didn’t. Goodness knows it had precious little to do with preparation or any such wise action. My evacuation plan pretty much nails that what with it consisting of watching the forecast change on Saturday AM, doing some frantic internet searching for a place with a room, and a fairly high speed drive across the state in the first rain bands with high winds and no food or fuel options to land in a place where people were actually still evacuating away from.


Plan B – it’s Plan A but with more alcohol

And yet that plan worked better than you could ever imagine. The hotel put me in a suite and then a large regular room, fed everyone there 3 meals a day for free, and kept us safe from the storm – even if there was no power from Sunday AM until I left at noon on Monday.


The horrors of Evacuation – no pillow menu!


So yeah, again, seriously… All. Of. The. Blessings.

And then to get home to Punta and find everything here looking suspiciously like there hadn’t even been a storm. And seeing pics from Lakeland that makes my place there look like an oasis of safety in a maelstrom of mess. Right now I have friends 30 min north of me who won’t have power for at least another week.  And more friends 30 min south of me who are cleaning up after 9+ inches of water came into their home. And so many friends in #Lkld who are without power until next week at least.  And I sit here now feeling guilty about all of that. Even though there’s really nothing I can do. But I still feel guilty. And doubly guilty about my annoyance over a truly first world problem like no internet. Seriously. That’s honestly the worst thing I have to deal with today – using my phone as a hotspot so I can continue working. Oh… and I chipped my toenail polish. There’s that too.

#dammit #IblameIrma #maybeImanidiot

So yeah… guilty. And that’s why I think I’m going to take the Hurricane supplies and donate them to the food bank here in Charlotte County. I know there are people in need right now. Charlotte County did not get a disaster declaration and FEMA isn’t helping here so maybe I can. Maybe the 8 gallons of water and the 18 packages of Ramen, and the Spam and my other non-perishable treasures can go to help someone much less fortunate than me.


And that’s where I’ll throw this to you dear readers. If you too are fortunate enough to have made it through relatively blessed, please do what you can to give back or help out. Maybe check on a neighbor and offer to fix them a meal. If you have power and ice offer to let them come in and charge up devices and take a shower and drink a cold beverage. If you have a generator share a plug with someone who doesn’t have one. Help clean up. Nothing is too small and every gesture is appreciated.

Pay it forward.

Some days that’s easy… some days it’s hard… but always consider that you never know when you might be the one in need of that same gesture and do unto others first rather than waiting for someone else to go first.

And one day soon every little thing… is gonna’ be alright…





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