Wriggling, writhing, working…

Dear October,

Yr pal Missy (not really yr pal, just being polite)

So this isn’t a “sweetness & light” post, even though I still feel that. But it’s October so all of my usual optimistic worldview is sort of muted right now. October is always my personal Waterloo. The month I hate. The month that takes. The month of loss.


To quote a Facebook comment I just made… “Got so much going on around and inside of me right now and it feels like all of the words are worms trying to find their way to the surface after a hard rain has softened the parched ground around me. Need to write them all out… afraid to let them go free…”

Just trying to decide which is the safest path. Let them out and play the hand I’ve got or keep them in and hold onto the small amount of peace that offers. Which one is the road less traveled?

Who knows?

Anybody got any October repellent? Anybody got a fast forward button to Halloween? Wake me up on 10/31… it’ll be safe again then.


Meanwhile I’m holding on tight to the good in my life today and praying for a quick passing of this cruelest month. Loss and love and life… all traveling hand in hand.


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