#currentstatus… the October 6th Edition


So yeah… not funny anymore. Not funny at all. In fact I read a comment last night on Facebook and it truly sums up how things are going and I told the author I was borrowing it because she had no idea how accurate it is…

My current status? Shining in my Shitstorm.

Yep… that’s it. Shining in my Shitstorm. This is already the hardest week of the year for me… the 13th Death-aversary for EB is tomorrow. I started the dread on that one about 2 weeks ago. There’s some other major stuff percolating through life right now that will be coming to fruition soon that is going to be hard to handle as well. And to put the cherry on top of the cake, one of my cousins is now in the final stages of Pancreatic Cancer… that was diagnosed this Summer. Yes, really, just a few months ago. And he’s nearly gone. So yeah…

#shining in my Shitstorm

Think of us kids… keep us in your prayers if you say them and your energy field if you don’t. Hug your loved ones tight. Say I love you every damned chance you get. Love hard, love deep, and know that when they’re gone you made sure they knew what they meant to you. Life doesn’t always give you another chance to love each other. Make it count.

And me? Well, I’m loving as hard as I can… making time count… oh, and of course…


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