Finding joy in everything…

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So as I’ve alluded on here a couple of times, things have been a bit stressful and chaotic in my life recently. The happy base is good… no worries there… but there’s been a lot of things happening outside of my bubble that have been causing me quite a bit of sadness and stress.

You know… lots of life coming at me at 200 mph… it’s my own special torture… don’t try this at home kids.

But anyway, this weekend I made a plan to take some me time, do only what I enjoy, spend time in my new world with the village I have here, and focus on my happy. Because I have a lot to be happy about. Quite a lot. And I am. So it was time to refocus and embrace that.

Spoiler alert… I did exactly all of that.

I ate lots of delicious food that I prepared with love and care for the people here that I have made my own. I opened one of my “Special Occasion” wines just because it was a lovely Friday evening and I was in good company and that alone deserves a celebration. I held my first entertainment event in my new nest, handled last minute cancellations that before would have caused me much angst and just slipped off my shoes and enjoyed myself in the company of a friend who made the evening perfect in its imperfection. Took an afternoon nap with Little Dog and enjoyed a cool breeze on my back porch in the sun. In other words I took the time to celebrate all of the good in my life here by the sea.¬†Because these days life is good and joy is everywhere, when I take the time to look around and see it.

I found joy.

So that’s my #mondaymotivation to all of you… quit postponing celebrations and find your joy. That bottle of wine you’re saving, the good dishes you never use, that sparkly pair of high heels you never wear… all because today isn’t special enough. Well why isn’t it? Every day is special. You are alive, you are loved and you love, so celebrate the little stuff. Eat the damned cake… to hell with the calories. Dance in the sparkly shoes, even if it’s in the living room to your favorite Pandora station… it’s still a damned celebration! Sing loud! Even if you can’t sing. Grab life, and the people you love, and hold them all tight and tell them how much you love them.

Live your life.

The day will come when you can’t celebrate anymore. So do not die regretting the things you didn’t do, and do not die regretting the things you did. Instead, when you have to go, make sure you have lived your life so that you are content in the knowledge that you lived your life as fully as you could, and that you loved everyone in your life as loudly as you could. And celebrate everything… because those small moments you let pass by unmarked may one day end up being the most important moments of your life.

Love your life.


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