Wearing it well…



Charlotte Harbor 11/11/17

You know, one of the most interesting things I’m seeing in myself these days is a lot of reprioritization. Things that used to mean so very much just don’t seem to matter at all… and likewise there are now things I used to never even consider that are part of my happiness paradigm that I have to have in order to breathe.

LOL… wut?

Okay… maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement… the only things I truly have to have are air, food, water, and wi-fi…

Yes, wi-fi… shut up… yeah really… #juststahp…

Anyway… so after that little digression… main point here is that my reality and priorities have shifted. Of course, not completely… and because I’m living things will continue changing so I might end up back to my old high maintenance self one day. And some days it’s easier than others, but some days the crazy gets on top of me and I start overthinking everything and I wonder who I am… but that’s not every day.

Not yet anyway.

Truthfully most of the time I’m finding the most unusual thing to be true… I’m comfortable in my skin. And I’m feeling more secure than I have in ages. And with that comfort and security I find more and more that I really just don’t care about superficial stuff as much as I used to. If my hair is a mess I’ll take a selfie or smile at the camera because I’m enjoying myself and sometimes messed up hair is just a part of life. And I don’t feel the need to always be made up and polished like I used to. Oh I still get all sparkly sometimes… but then there’s the times when I say nahhhh and I go out with a bare face and it’s okay.

I know… who saw that shit coming?

I guess the whole thing is… I’m finally me. I’ve accepted who I am and what I am. I am okay. And to the right people I’m beautiful. Just like I am. Messy hair, no makeup, relaxed, laughing, and being me.

What a concept!

But of course I didn’t realize it was showing… all of this happiness and stuff. Until a friend recently said that I look like I’m wearing happy stamped all over my face… and that I look younger and better because of it. That felt good… because being happy is what I value the most these days and the fact that people in my life are seeing it is an even bigger thing. So thanks for following me on this journey. And thanks for noticing. Life is good. I am surrounded by love. I am happy.¬†At home in my skin. I am wearing it well… and I think it looks pretty good.

So whatever it is you’re wearing here’s my advice… put it on, make it yours, and wear it well…


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