The One about Thanksgiving…

So yeah, it’s Thanksgiving… and even though it might be the oddest Thanksgiving in years I’ve already been celebrating the thankfulness this week and I intend to continue doing exactly that every day. Thankful shouldn’t be something we only try on once a year you see… no matter how hard things are, no matter how wrong things have gone, no matter what’s happening… there is always always always something to be thankful for.


Do you have a roof over your head? Well there you go. Do you have food in your cupboard? Told you so. Are you working? Again… there’s always something. No, it might not be a luxury roof… and no, you might not be eating a six course tasting menu… and you might actually hate your job or be out of work… but guess what? There’s still something… you just need to look a little harder to find it.


This week I started my list at dinner with a good friend when we drank our usual celebration toast where we each raise a glass to something we want to celebrate for that day. As my part of that nightly toast I’ve now added a thankful element where I also acknowledge one thing for which I’m grateful. The first thing, of course, is friendship, because I’m so very blessed with the friends I have. Especially the inner circle… y’all know who you are… so thanks.


On the second night my Thankful item was my life… because I am very well aware that there’s so very many people who would love to have my truly first world problems. Nothing that is currently wrong in my life is anything that will kill me. Nothing that will leave me homeless. Nothing in my life is that awful. Sure… I’ve got things wrong. No… my life is not perfect. But I’m pretty sure most people would laugh at the things I worry about and most people would eyeroll my top ten concerns. So I focus on just being happy. And I make that choice most of the time. And I remember whenever I am starting to focus on the negatives in my life that my life is pretty damned good, and that’s when I always remember.


So why not consider adding a thankful ritual into your own life? Not just for this week but for always. Look around you. See everything and everybody that is there. And keep in mind that no matter how hard “right now” might be, everything passes. Everything gets better. And everything has something for which you need to be thankful.


Always be thankful. If it’s not a blessing it’s a lesson. So be thankful for family, for friends, for old relationships and new, for good jobs and bad jobs and no jobs, for food – good and bad, for the roof over your head – even if it needs to be replaced, for changes, for sameness, for everything…

Just be thankful.

And when you count your thankfuls I hope you find as many as I did… just this year… just by taking a moment and looking back. My smile is so broad right now. My life is full. As bad as things have been at times… things are still very good.

I am thankful.

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