Flipping the script on happy

So you know how sometimes you think you know exactly what your happy should look like? You think that your bliss has to be x and y and z or it’s not really bliss? You are sure that your “perfect” is something that looks like this or that or it’s not your perfect?

Yeah? You know?

Nope… you don’t. Sometimes the most happy can be found in the least likely places. Sometimes happy isn’t in the shape or style or fashion you ever thought you’d like. Sometimes happy might look like someone else’s sad.


But what I’ve been learning since very early this year is that if you give that untraditional happy a chance it might surprise you. It might make you think. It might make you re-examine your definition of happy and rethink everything. It could even make you consider a different direction. Make you smile over things that might once have made you cry.

You might change.

And change is more than something in your pocket. Change can be something amazing. Change, at my age, is just a little bit more proof that life is not over. Life is going on. Life is good. And that is a good thing indeed to learn.

Change your happy.

Who knows? Instead of the warmth of a cheerful sun, you might find a new spark of happy shining beautifully in a dark night sky… and while nobody might be able to see your new happy you’ll feel it and you will know. And that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?


It is your happy.

Make no mistake, happy is something you grab… no matter what it looks like, even if it seems too easy. Don’t dismiss it just because it’s not hard and painful to achieve. Accept that simple, basic happy when it shows up. Accept the happy that paints a smile on the little things. Love the happy that isn’t a grand gesture. Love the small and meaningful happy that someone took time out of their busy life just to make for you.

You might find that you like this new happy even more.

So try it. Look at things with a different eye. Be the change you need in your life. Hold on tight to the people who are transforming you. Let go of the people who are more of the  hard version of happy that tends to make you sad. Learn that happy doesn’t have to have pain. It can just be happy. And learn that you deserve it.

Be happy… and take happy… and do happy. Dance in the rain, mess up your hair, laugh out loud, eat the damned cookies. Grab your happy with both hands and move as fast as you can toward a brand new future. Because happy is love is happy.

So hit the road and be happy dammit!

Just be happy.

Photo credits and muchos besos y abrazos to Nathan Larson

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