About me…


I’m Melissah Bruce and this little piece of cyber real estate has been my online home since way back in ’06. The basics – I am a Lakeland, FL girl, living the dream, down by the lake, in my little 1/3 acre of paradise, in my home sweet home. As for who I really am… well that answer hasn’t ever been successfully answered in all my many years on this hot ball of dirt by anyone… I’m a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, covered in a very changeable gooey covering, and I’m always evolving. I refuse to be mapped, detest categorization, and won’t stay in any niche you try to put me in. Life is an adventure… and I love adventures so I’m living my best life ever! My two rules for living are these:

  • You need to either get busy living or get busy dying, otherwise you’re just taking up space and you’re in my way.
  • Your life consists of two dates separated by a dash, what matters in life is what you do with that dash. Make your dash count!

The shorter answer? I’m many things… a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a Floridian … one person fits all, you decide the role, that’s not my job. I’ve lived, loved, won, lost, and I’m still trying to figure out who I am and what I want… stay curious kids!