Starting over…

That’s what this is all about… starting over… sometimes it takes longer than you think… but three years after this process began it feels like I’m finally on my way. Is it hard? Yes. Do I hurt still? Of course. Am I sad sometimes when I look back? You have no idea. But then I remember that everything passes and life goes on. It has.

It will.

And still I move forward.


Smiling through the tears.

But still smiling.

Isn’t it crazy…

Isn’t it crazy?

Yes… yes it is… everything is different and I am happy. This is the good stuff.

So here’s today’s wisdom from the unwise… love the life you have today kids. You may not have it in a day, in a week, in a year. 

Find your happy… and live your love. Out loud. Sing. Dance. Buy the shoes. Eat the damned cake. 



Lather, rinse, repeat…




So I got home and decided a simple dinner of frozen Pizza would be my goal… and then I adulted the shit out of that plan. Ladies and gentlemen I give you my “simple” meal…

Apparently I’m a grown up whether I like it or not… bon appetit!


Yep… done… because this ish is hard… and I’m just not into hard… not this hard anyway… nope… no how… no way.

Too much to handle right now… but I know I’ve got it good compared to Houston so I won’t bitch too incessantly… oh who am I kidding? I’m going to bitch. It’s my thing. I’m dealing with crazy busy work schedule, a dog that won’t poop, a dog that won’t stop pooping, an A/C system that can’t seem to get repaired and a power surge that’s making me wonder what else isn’t working at the Lakeland house, and I’m still trying to sort out life down here at the beach. The only bonus is that my house here is damned near perfect… and my new bed is simply divine… and that’s handy because I need a frickin’ nap! Today I am done.


So I think my plan for tonight is to go home, put on some yoga pants and a hoodie, drink wine… and maybe even open that new bottle of bourbon in the bar… and try to visualize a future without so much responsibility. I know it’s coming soon… these days I can smell the open water and I can see freedom… I’m heading that way faster than you think. But for tonight… just tonight… when I can’t get free just yet…




It’s a failure to communicate…

So it’s 5:45 am and I’m trying to explain weekends to dogs…

Dogs on Saturday and Sunday

Making choices…

So yesterday I said something that was so true and yet so surprising to write… I think my quote was “… I am happier in my own skin than I have been in years…” and while that might sound a bit surprising coming from me the truth in that statement is beyond truthiness. Continue reading