What wine do you serve with scrambled traditions?

What wine do you serve with scrambled traditions?

Because I am doing just that… not that this is a surprise, right? No, not at all.  But I’m doing the almost unthinkable.  I’m tinkering with the stuffing.  Yes, the stuffing.  This year I’m adding some new breads into the mix.  Yes, I know, new isn’t always better.  But I’m thinking happy thoughts and I have a good feeling about this.  So today, while I’m home being silent and icing my face, I’m drying out Challah & five-grain Italian bread cubes.  Next up is cornbread.  Then maybe some Foccacia.  I’m a bread toasting fool, right? 

But here’s where I want advice.  For the sausage this year I’m leaning toward a mix of Andouille and regular pork, crumbled and fried crispy.  However, I’ve also been considering Bratwurst, skinned and crumbled, mixed with regular Pork Sausage and also fried crispy.  Let me know what you think. 

My stuffing thanks you!   

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  1. Well, I’m not sure I can be of service because I’ve only ever made Stove Top Stuffing (I know! GASP!), but for what it’s worth, my mouth was watering just reading about those ingredients!

  2. Mmmmm…sausage!!!!
    btw: thanks for keeping my blog company while I was outa town! Glad to see some new posts over here at the monkey house.

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