Wait! What? OMG… this time it’s looking suspiciously like it might actually be working!!!!!!

Because according to my new bestie, AKA the bathroom scale, I’ve got 2 lbs missing from somewhere inside or outside of me.  Where?  Who knows.  Probably from something useless, like my brain or liver, but you can be sure that it’s most decidedly not from my butt.  Nope, I inventoried this morning and it’s all there, dimples and everything.

BTW, dimples on your butt… not the best place to get them, just sayin’.

But regardless of where those 2 lbs. are missing from, I’m glad they’re gone and they need to just stay that way. We don’t want their kind here. And, there was a moment of levity this AM when I discovered the runaways.  In the process of announcing the news I called the scale my best friend, and my husband immediately reminded me that I had called her a lying beeyotch just three days ago.  What can I say?  Bipolar maybe?  Or maybe just very flexible.

I’m very bendy like that.  You’ve been warned.

But anyway, to make up for his slothfulness yesterday morning, last night The Bob went walking with me.  And we took the dogs.  Seriously, you’d think they never got to go anywhere.  Stupid dogs.  And walking all three?  Just like leashing up a hurricane, with fur and feet, and slobber.  That too.  Big fun doesn’t even begin to describe it.  But, yeah, we all walked… almost 1.5 miles… with intervals of trotting, because of those idiot dogs and their irrational exuberance.  And then, after all that excitement, we came home and collapsed into a pile on the couch did 30 min. on the Wii Fit.  Sorry, got last week confused with this week for a moment there.  But, yeah, 30 min. of exercises, complete with a 6 min. run, in circles, around the Living Room.  Because, you know, I can’t run in place for extended periods of time due to my continuing foot issues.

Damn you Plantar Fascitis!

Foot issues which I hope will be corrected by investing in new Running Shoes.  Soon.  Or as soon as I dance for enough nickles to afford them.  FYI If you see me outside of Publix, don’t laugh, and all donations are accepted. Remember, it’s for a good cause… eliminate pronation in our lifetime… or some nonsense like that.

Just kidding.  I think.

But anyway, all that gets us to this morning and the happy news from the scale.  Have I mentioned that I really love that Scale?  Really?  Yeah.  Best pals, that’s us.  And hopefully, by seeing some results, even if it’s just water weight, this is the motivation I need to keep going.  Keep moving.  Hey!  Genius idea!  What if I sell the couch?  That way I’ve got the money for my new shoes and I’ve also eliminated any place large enough for us to pile up like a Sloth family in the evenings. I’ll bet the dogs will be really excited about that.  Because, you know, they get excited about the opening of an envelope.  Stupid dogs.  But still, that’s two birds with one stone!  Yay!

Hello, craigslist.org… have I got a deal for you!

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