Everything is in the timing…

So I know all of you… including the 3 that never gave up on me… have just collectively fallen over in a faint over the fact that there’s been new content here for several consecutive days. I’m a bit light-headed at that reality too honestly… I mean who am I now and what did they do with my slack-assy self? Somebody check the sideyard for a pod… oh wait, nevermind… they’ll send me back… I’m the original “Ransom of Red Chief”… remember?

And I’m waiting for 13 of you to go google that and come back… I’ve got all day… don’t hurry.

Anyway… yeah… I told y’all last week that I’ve been feeling this need but I’ve not really been able to “speak truth to power” as it were. Feeling like I’m going to hurt someone or blow something up… or some such nonsense. But you know what? There’s a reason why I have this space… to be honest and truthful… within reason of course… or to just be me… which is quite likely the most frightening thing of all. Don’t make me go all Sally Field on you… you know I’m not entirely sure that you’re only here for the hate read… or you’re hoping I’ll write another rant about Mason’s or something like that.

Nope… I’m still not a fan of that place… mainly because their Main Douche Canoe is still hanging around there… but I just avoid it and keep my snark to myself. I know… WTOH? You heard it here first kids… I’m trying to be good. Don’t push me over the edge.

Anyway, with all that intro, today I’m kind of mumbling about how life hands you stuff with total disregard for the timing of said stuff or whether you can handle said stuff at the time you’re given it and how hard that ill-timed stuff can be to handle. The past few years have been a lot of that. I’ve tried to handle it silently… and with as much grace as possible.

That was an epic failure.

Timing… as they say… is everything… even when it’s bad. And who you are is directly tied to how you take on the things that weren’t in your plan. The things that blow up your plan. The things you never even saw coming. There’s been so many of all of those for a while now. And I’m doing what I can to keep jumping the hurdles and moving forward with the plot twists and turns.

Spoiler alert: Sometimes I fail… and that’s okay.

I’m beginning to believe that my 6th decade’s life lesson is about patience – with me, with you, with life, with everything. Learning to take what lands in my lap and figuring out how to deal with it even if it might not be the ideal time or place to do so. And I’m also figuring out how to quit apologizing for being angry/upset/disappointed when I have to do that. I’m not writing this script… of that you can be sure… but so far I’m dealing with the writers and their “creative” take on what my life should look like pretty well.

So far.

Just know that whenever you think you’ve got it all nailed somewhere there’s a superior being with a finger on the “Smite” button. God laughs when we make plans… and then he changes them for us. Mine is changing even as I type and so is yours… I’m adapting and growing because of it, are you? After all that’s pretty much all I can do.

That’s all any of us can do.

Dealing with the things I didn’t plan for, that don’t fit my completely OCD schedule, because I don’t have a choice other than to walk away.

BLUF*: I’m not walking. Not today. Welcome home things I didn’t plan… have a beer and let’s chat… time for you to fit in… you’re gonna’ love it here!

Trust me.


*BLUF – a friend recently intro’d me to this term, “Bottom Line Up Front”… AKA just the facts ma’am. I think it fits.


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