Careful what you wish for…

for you shall surely get it… or something like that.  And with that, all I can add is wow! Just wow… because really there just aren’t any other words that apply.


And yes, I’m aware that I’m being slightly less than forthcoming #righthererightnow but I’m still putting so very many thoughts into slightly less words… the immaculate contraption that is my brain doesn’t work quite as mousetrap quick as it used to… so bear with me, m’kay?

Remember? Birthday bearing down on me… my 53rd for those of you keeping score at home… unless you’re someone who shall remain nameless (I’m looking right at you TMS) and you’re insisting on calling it my 54th… apparently because “that guy” wants me to employ one of the three voodoo dolls I’ve got laying here by the MacBook all ready to pin and go. BTW Sweetie just ignore any body parts that might behave strangely, I promise that will go away soon… maybe… or maybe not… sometimes things don’t go to plan…

#sorrynotsorry 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, so where was I? Yeah, er, right… WOW! Back to that… and you know how the other day I was rattling on about timing and such? Well exactly the day that post went live I had multiple instances of “unplanned stuff” happen to me back to back to back… like I was stuck in an ocean of crazymaking cra-zap and the waves just kept coming at me… one after another after another. Yeah, it was really like that. Truthfully I don’t think I took an actual full breath between 10 am and 4:30pm… what with all of the ish that kept landing on me…


But to be clear, all of the things that happened are actually all of the good… all things that are #partofthemasterplan… or things that needed to happen… so I’m not actually mad about it, just more gobsmacked as it were that they all happened all at once.

Sidenote: yes, that’s really a word… Funk & Wagnalls says so and Merriam Webster is providing backup so go ahead and use it in Scrabble and amaze your team… and you can thank me later. I do this research so you don’t have to because I’m a giver like that 😘

Anyway… so again… everything that blew up was a good explosion… I think… and 48 hours later I’m again in “waiting” mode but this time things really do look like they’re coming together and the long hard year of my discontent might be coming to an end. Who knows… but with this much smoke there has to be a fire somewhere. Or at least a barbeque grill containing a large, juicy ribeye that will be served with one of my fabulous Cabs that are sitting in the other wine rack that overlooks Charlotte Harbor.

See? I’m flexible!

So I’ll update with the good news when there’s something to say but right now we all need to hold hands, cross our fingers, and put forth some positive energy. Good things are a-foot.  Good things that do not involve me buying any more Ugg Boots. These are very good things indeed.


Thanks universe! I needed Tuesday. Now I know you do love me best.


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